Top 7 Canadian Academic Service Providers Offering Custom Assistance

Canada is home to some of the most reputable institutes recognized globally for their outstanding academic performance and research opportunities. Several of these institutes have appeared in the Times Higher Education Rankings 2023 as well as the QS World University Rankings 2023. So, it is no surprise that the academic competition in Canada is through the roof.

Since the dropout rate in Canadian high schools is at an all-time high, the Canadian Student Wellbeing Study 2022, involving 1014 Canadian students aged between 18 and 21, has investigated the leading reasons compelling students to consider dropping their studies. Unsurprisingly, extreme academic stress and anxiety make an appearance at the top.

What Role Does Custom Assignment Writing Services Play?

Thanks to technological advancements, students no longer have to seriously consider leaving their studies because of the mountains of assignments when they can hire custom assignment writing services. These professional academic service providers are a one-stop solution for students struggling with the following:

  • Submitting assignments on time
  • Writing well-researched papers
  • Choosing unique essay topics
  • Proofreading and editing papers

The alternative to hiring such services is to spend all-nighters stressing about your pending papers, surviving entirely on caffeine and panic, and compromising your mental and physical health for an A+. Doesn’t sound as appealing as hiring an expert to help you out, does it?

7 Canadian Academic Service Providers Winning Students’ Hearts

As soon as you want to hire custom assignment writing help in Canada, you’ll find millions of options to browse through. The high demand for such services has led to the emergence of innumerable websites, making it challenging for students to figure out which services deserve their trust. But there’s no need to worry as long as you have a reliable assignment service reviewer to help you out.

After checking reviews and interviewing several students, I’ve shortlisted seven academic service providers that have gained significant popularity in Canada. Unlike most websites, they don’t make tall claims without backing them with quality services. So, let’s explore them one by one and review the qualities that make them stand out the most.


Despite initially focusing only on students in the UK, has branched out to offer its services in Canada, the USA, Australia, etc. It is one of the top contenders among academic service providers in Canada.

Praiseworthy qualities:

  • Ability to deliver tasks on time – Almost 98% of the students who have hired praise it for providing assignments on time without unnecessary delays.
  • Quality of writing – The website has over 3000 PhD scholars who take special care to ensure the paper is completely free of errors, is well-researched and up to the present academic standards.

2. has gained immense popularity in the Canadian student community. The website boasts of live tutoring assistance 24/7 on any topic under the sun, making it easier for students to revise particular subjects right before their exams. Overall, the sessions are very informative, and students have witnessed a significant improvement in their grades after these tutoring sessions.

Praiseworthy qualities:

  • One-on-one personalized sessions – Once you share your requirements, the live tutors customize the session according to your needs to ensure you get the best services at all times.
  • Affordable tutoring – Unlike other academic tutoring services, offers affordable pricing so that you can avoid burning a hole in your pocket.


Even though has fewer experts than a few websites on this list, almost every expert here has graduated from top universities in the USA and Canada. These professionals are very meticulous about their work, which is reflected in their writing. They are also considerate of students’ requirements and follow every instruction and guideline to the T.

Praiseworthy qualities:

  • Good communication with clients – The experts on provide daily updates on your task and always encourage open communication to ensure students get top-quality papers.
  • Free assignment samples – If you can’t decide whether the writing quality at will live up to your expectations, you’ll have plenty of examples to review. These papers are composed by the experts themselves and cover various disciplines.


Another top tutoring website in Canada is Most experts here have completed their PhDs and have years of experience tutoring students of all academic levels. In addition to being quite affordable, is well-known for its complimentary proofreading and plagiarism checks.

Praiseworthy qualities:

  • End-to-end student support – offers amazing assistance, helping students book sessions or sign up for proofreading and editing services without a second’s delay.
  • Mock tests on every subject – Before moving on to new topics, the experts always conduct mock tests to test students’ understanding. If the results aren’t satisfactory, they provide additional classes and doubt-clearing sessions.


While the name might suggest that focuses only on essays, it offers top-notch guidance on research papers, dissertations, case studies, etc. A quick review of the sample papers proves that the experts have prior experience writing such assignments. Every paper is customized according to a student’s specific needs, and if something isn’t up to the mark, you can send the work for revision.

Praiseworthy qualities:

  • Student-friendly policies – offers free revisions, full and partial refunds and a reasonable cancellation policy depending upon the circumstances.
  • Stickler to Canadian standards – Every paper undergoes multiple rounds of checking to eliminate all sorts of errors. The experts also provide a detailed plagiarism report to vouch for the paper’s uniqueness.

6. has always been the #1 academic service provider in Australia. In recent times, it has expanded to Canada, offering outstanding educational services to assist millions of students in the country. The website has hired several native Canadian academic scholars familiar with the general school, college and university guidelines for better-quality papers.

Praiseworthy qualities:

  • Easy-to-use interface –’s easy-to-use interface and distinguishable sections ensure students won’t have any trouble navigating their website.
  • Free academic tools – The website offers a variety of free online tools that you can use without having to register on

7. focuses mainly on the different types of essays you’d need help with throughout the academic years. From scholarship essays to college admission essays, you’ll get them all on this website. The essay quality is above average; almost every paper I’ve reviewed has passed the plagiarism test.

Praiseworthy qualities:

  • 100% unique writing – The writers at take immense pride in composing completely original work. They usually think out of the box, as is evident from some of the unique essays I’ve seen in the samples.
  • Amazing discounts – In addition to keeping their charges minimal, offers seasonal discounts and amazing bonuses guaranteed to sweeten the deal.

To sum it up,

The seven assignment service providers mentioned above have completely changed the game for students struggling due to the immense academic burden in Canada. Thanks to their assistance, most students have improved their grades instead of dropping their studies before completion. However, choosing the right service provider can be challenging. While some websites are known for delivering urgent papers on time, others are more popular for their reasonable prices. So, the only option is to try out these services yourself and check which one suits your needs.

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