Top Branding Company

Top Branding Company specializes in creating brands and brand portfolios, serving large companies, startups, cultural institutions, as well as offering creative strategy, branding services and research to its clients. For more information visit its website.

Brand images speak volumes about businesses and employees alike. That is why partnering with an effective branding agency is so vital. Top agencies specialize in design, innovation consulting and strategic brand development services to meet all these requirements and more.

Want Branding

Want Branding is a branding agency with 20 years of experience providing brand strategy, naming and research. Furthermore, their world-class capabilities help businesses expand. Furthermore, Want Branding also offers other services designed to aid business growth.

The company provides comprehensive naming services, which include trademark evaluation, linguistic analysis and consumer research as well as offering a naming strategy that ensures brand continuity. They also offer branding guidelines, workshops and communication tools.

Brand strategy services provided by this company focus on three core offerings: definition, messaging and architecture. This helps businesses understand who they stand for and how best to communicate this to customers.

Vivaldi Group

Elizabeth Field, Allison Edberg Nyquist and Stephanie Vial make for a delightful listening experience on their debut CD exploring string trio repertoire from Baroque and Rococo periods – a vast body of repertory much less explored than that found among Classical string quartets.

Vivaldi Group is a global strategy firm that assists leading businesses with strengthening their brands, entering new markets and altering industry dynamics. They emphasize customer-first growth strategies – offering brand strategy, innovation strategy and customer experience services alongside design and analytics capabilities.

Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin provides ship management, crewing and consultancy services to the international maritime industry. Their range of services extends from crew training to ship chartering.

Blue marlins are one of the largest open ocean bony fish species. Boasting cobalt-blue dorsal (topside), silvery white ventral and long, bill-equipped bills on either side, blue marlins are known to stun or kill prey before using their upper jaws to cut through it for meal.

These migrating fish can often be seen swimming along the equator in warm waters. Common methods of capture include trolling artificial lures or dead bait in deep waters.


Metadesign is a creative brand consultancy with more than four decades of experience successfully positioning brands. Boasting offices on three continents and belonging to Publicis Groupe’s global communications network, its client list includes AOK, Didi Chuxing, Henkel and Heidelberg Materials among many others.

Firm’s focus lies on providing robust services and solutions. Their client-first approach and transparent work culture have won them loyal customer relationships and an array of successful projects on time and within budget.


Ramotion assists tech companies in creating distinctive branding that works seamlessly online. Their services encompass brand identity, visual design and front-end development as well as helping companies identify their objectives and develop plans to promote them.

Ramotion has worked with various startups, such as Bitmoji, to ensure their success. Their branding expertise can elevate a business’s credibility with target customers while their communication strategy and icon/illustration guides offer additional support services. Furthermore, Ramotion offers reliable and efficient service while fulfilling client expectations through professional management practices and consistently meeting them.


Bellwether Consulting Services are a consulting firm offering an array of services designed to promote client business growth. These include revenue generation services for supply chains, supply chain analytics solutions, global logistics strategy development services and more.

The term is composed of two Middle English words – belle (bell) and wether (castrated ram). Sheep herders used bells around one sheep to designate it as “the lead”.

Politics classifies bellwether states or counties as places that provide broad indicators for national trends. Suffolk Director David Paleologos has developed a proprietary bellwether model capable of accurately predicting party primary, midterm, and statewide elections with high degrees of precision.


WPP announced in September the merger of five of its branding agencies into one under the name Superunion, and today is unveiling this newly formed consulting entity to the public as Superunion. Comprised of Brand Union, The Partners, Lambie-Nairn Addison Group and VBAT respectively; Superunion utilizes upstream creativity to connect brands to their audiences and businesses.

Firm with 23 offices worldwide in 18 countries and global billings exceeding $100 Million. Clients include Diageo, Ford and Vodafone while its Asia team features an award-winning designer director.


Mucho is a meal planning service that helps its users build custom meal plans tailored to their diet, budget and the number of people eating at once. Customers select recipes based on diet, budget and how many are eating. Once complete, Mucho generates a shopping list which they can either print off or use with grocery delivery service Ocado for purchase.

Mucho is committed to legal compliance and ethical conduct, expecting the same from its vendors. Mucho takes proactive measures in its supply chain to mitigate risks of human trafficking and slavery.


Wolters Kluwer Health, part of Lippincott Williams & Wilkins division, offers point-of-care solutions that enhance patient outcomes and advance clinical education. Products offered include Lippincott Medical Procedures, Advisor and Connect Courseware.

This best-selling textbook uses Lippincott Illustrated Reviews format to quickly review and absorb critical information in 8 major systems, using vivid illustrations to enhance learning and retention. In New Zealand alone this product has been available for over 8 years!