Top Picks for HDB Interior Designers in Singapore for 4-Room and 5-Room Renovations

Suppose you’re looking to have an HDB 4-room or 5-room renovation. In that case, it’s essential to get the design details right to maximize your living space while also creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional living space. Your home is where you spend most of your waking hours, so make sure it’s an enjoyable place by choosing the right office interior designer Singapore! Read on to learn more about how our top picks can create customized and beautiful designs for their clients!

What are the legal requirements when hiring a home improvement contractor?

What does finding a good home improvement contractor for your HDB 4-room or 5-room renovation take? It’s important to research contractors thoroughly before signing on with one. One of the most necessary items you should consider is whether or not they are licensed. Licensed contractors will usually have a Certificate of Business Registration (CBR) issued by URA, which identifies them as registered businesses and permits them to operate. Make sure that any contractor you hire has a valid CBR number — if they don’t, walk away. You can also check their status with MCI if complaints are against them.

A second thing to look at is how long they have been in business; ideally, go for contractors who have been around for more than five years and specialize in HDB 4-room or HBD 5-room interior design. The longer a company has been around, the more likely it will be able to do quality artistry and meet deadlines — which can be crucial when planning a renovation project within an HDB flat.

Get HDB approval before getting started.

Before you begin renovating, you’ll need approval from your HDB. They may have specifications you need to fulfill, or they might want proof that you’ve hired a professional architect. You can find their contact details here. If you’re planning on doing all your work yourself, check out HDB DIY projects, where we feature many valuable articles about making renovations.

You should also look at HDB Flats: A Comprehensive Guide, which covers everything you need to know about purchasing and living in an HDB flat — from home loans to common repairs — with the information provided by real estate agents.

HDB is responsible for managing public housing in Singapore and has strict regulations on renovation works to ensure the safety and structural integrity of the buildings. HDB approval before starting any renovation work in HDB flats to avoid penalties and ensure that the work is done safely and in compliance with regulations.

Before starting any renovation work, HDB approval is necessary to ensure that the proposed changes comply with the rules and regulations set by HDB. Failure to obtain approval can result in fines and legal actions.

To obtain HDB approval, one must submit an application to HDB and provide all relevant documents and plans of the proposed work. HDB will then review the application and either approve or reject it based on their guidelines. It is important to note that certain types of renovation work may require additional approval from other government agencies.

Before you start thinking about designs…

It would help if you considered a few things before starting your design. For starters, how many rooms do you need to renovate or upgrade? Thinking about what each room will be used for is more critical than room count. When you start by choosing function over form, it becomes much easier to choose color palettes and furniture that can adapt to several different uses. Once you’ve settled on these details, it’s time to talk colors and materials.

The best way to get started is by visiting showrooms around town. If you’re looking for an HDB interior designer in Singapore, we recommend checking out these three: Home Design Studio (HDB 4-room renovation), Room Decor (HDB 5-room interior design), or Touchstone Designs (both).

An inside look at how we put together the best HDB 4-Room and 5-Room Renovation options

Today, there are a lot of so-called experts out there who can advise you on how to start your renovation. It might seem like all these design sites have created more confusion than help — after all, what’s a homeowner to do when they want simple advice from real experts?

We’ve researched some of the most popular online resources and put together a list of pros and cons that will hopefully make your decision easier. We know every client is different, but we hope that by providing you with a few options, we can make things easier for you!


HDB home renovations can do wonders for helping you sell your property faster and more profitably, which makes them one of the most important investments you can make if you want to maximize the value of your home in Singapore

Because our home is where we spend most of our waking hours, make it a pleasant place to be by hiring an interior designer in Singapore.

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