Certified Top SEO Companies April 2023

When it comes to selecting an SEO agency to work with, company size may not be the first consideration you consider, but it is a sign that a company is effective, organized, and has the means to make your campaign a success.

Firms that advertise themselves as “SEO agencies” are frequently small 1-5 person businesses that can provide technical advice and backend upgrades but lack the resources required to run a comprehensive campaign.

A significant firm in the United States will almost certainly have a solid track record and be a viable alternative for firms looking to outsource their SEO.

Because SEO is such a broad field, we’ve divided our list into ten distinct niches. Rather than generating a simple list of the top companies that happen to offer SEO as a service, we’ve chosen to only highlight organizations that have a laser focus on their specific niche.

The Top SEO Companies In the U.S in 2023

OTT (Over The Top SEO) 

 Search Engine Optimization is used when your page is not in the top ten results for a given search. SEO guides your content so that it reaches as many people as possible. OTT the best SEO company . It enables your company to uncover objectively measurable actions that make it simpler for your website to be noticed and converted online.

This company assists you in developing relevant, interesting content and professionally created methods that will propel you to the top of search results.

They work on SEO strategy, keyword research, technical SEO, content marketing, analytics, marketing attribution, and accurate reporting. OTT has numerous clients from different industries like IT, Banks, Manufacturing, Logistics, and more.

Search for the following keywords on Google in your country: Organic SEO by a Professional OTT will be in the top organic position.

First Page Sage 

First Page Sage is the largest overall SEO firm in the United States, having grown by continuous specialization in the discipline of SEO rather than the more normal agency trajectory of growing horizontally into other marketing activities.

The firm’s strength is in combining SEO with thought leadership—a high-quality form of content marketing—to transform its clients’ websites into Google-trusted industry resources, thereby automating lead creation for them.

Clients include Cadence Design Systems, Logitech, and US Bank, and the majority of its clients are in technical B2B businesses such as SaaS, IT, and manufacturing.

SEO strategy, keyword research, technical SEO, content marketing, analytics, marketing attribution, and precise reporting are all part of their efforts.

Duffy Agency 

Multilingual SEO is a tough field since, in addition to translation, SEO incorporates keyword planning, search intent, and content production. When your organization is in a technical B2B industry, you’ll need a firm that understands how consumers utilize specific lingo in their searches.

Duffy Agency specializes in delivering SEO, web marketing, and social media marketing services to organizations with global brands. Clients included Napapijri, Cavidi, and the United Nations World Food Programme.


SEO is a long-term investment, and success in a small effort might pave the way for a larger SEO campaign later on. Yet, because small businesses and startups typically have limited budgets, an agency’s ability to scale campaigns up and down is critical.

Boostability is the leading SEO firm that specializes in small business services. They provide low-cost packages created primarily for businesses that are just getting started, operate in low-competition markets, and are not yet ready to generate blog content on a regular basis.

They also offer solutions for expanding enterprises, allowing them to grow alongside their clients. Bloom Studios, KIARO Computer Solutions, and Peterson Family Orthodontics are among Boost ability’s small company clientele.


Not all businesses must compete on a national scale. A construction company headquartered in a single city, for example, will benefit nothing by being found by searchers all over the country.

Alternatively, businesses may concentrate all of their efforts on geo targeted keywords, which have less competition and are much more likely to result in a sale.

ReachLocal is the leading SEO firm specializing in enhancing local search presence. TGM Associates, Mr. Rooter, and Central Washington University are among their clients.

They specialize in working with enterprises that are intrinsically location-bound, such as real estate, home services, and car sales and servicing.


Businesses must not only verify that their marketing partner is conversant with enterprise-specific SEO methods, but they may also need to select a single agency to manage all of their digital marketing due to their size and entrenched processes.

Epsilon blends SEO, tailored messaging, and customer data platforms to provide businesses with a one-stop shop for all of their digital marketing needs.

They’ve had significant success working with global consumer brands, with prior customers including Walgreens, Coach, and Volvo.

Seller Interactive 

Because Google accounts for more than 90% of all general search engine traffic, practically all SEO firms devote themselves to knowing the complexities of Google’s algorithm.

Yet, for B2C eCommerce enterprises, being at the top of Amazon’s search results is just as crucial as ranking on Google’s first page.

Seller Interactive is presently the largest Amazon-focused SEO business in the United States as of 2023.

They’ve been assisting businesses with AMS account management since 2012, with particular success dealing with organizations in the consumer technology, food and beverage, and cosmetics industries.

Clay Agency 

While many companies mention conversion rate optimization on their websites, few embrace it as an art form. Because CRO is a combination of web design, UI/UX design, and analytics, a great CRO agency will naturally have specialist UI/UX and analytics experts on staff.

Clay Agency focuses solely on digital strategy and UI/UX design, making them an excellent choice for companies whose major SEO need is to increase conversion rates from organic traffic.

Their service includes extensive web research as well as rigorous UI/UX evaluations.

Marketing Eye 

Not all organizations require the services of an SEO agency to create high-quality content.

If content creation is already an important part of their business model, they should look to their SEO agency for conversion-optimized website design, technical SEO, and strategy.

Marketing Eye provides a wide range of marketing services, but its specialty is technical and strategic consultancy.

With their 15 years of expertise, they have worked with clients in consumer products, logistics, and financial services, including Botani, Star Source Pty. Ltd., and Mint Money.


Voice search is the newest SEO niche, and its importance is expanding as people increasingly rely on Siri, Amazon, and Google Assistant.

Because the natural language processing technology employed in those assistants is currently designed for ordinary, non-technical speech, this user category is especially important for B2C enterprises.

Aumcore offers Voice SEO as one of its core services and recognizes that keyword targeting techniques for spoken and typed language are fundamentally different. Comodo Cybersecurity, eviCore, and Delonghi are among their clientele.