Top 10 Trading Apps to Earn Money Instantly 

We spend lots of time with smartphones doing useless things. What if, we take advantage of time and convert this time into an amount of money? Yes, you read it right, this is true. You earn money with your smartphone. Do you don’t believe us? Let’s check out the list of trading apps to earn money in India. 

These apps are good for those who want to convert their little bit of time into an amount of money. Working with these money-making apps is called a part-time income source or you can make it a full-time income source as your need. Here we inform you that the best trading app in India to earn money.

List of the Money-Earning Apps

  1. Zerodha

Zerodha is the No.1 genius and trusted stock broker in India. This is good for absolute beginners who want to start their investment journey to earn money. It charges an online account opening of Rs 200 for trading and a Demat account. That apps are safe as other stoke brokers in India. 

Listing in the lowest-risk brokers for the following reasons:

  1. This is dept-free. 
  2. Offers broking services only.
  3. This company follows open and transparent business practices. 
  4. Low client complaint ratio. 
  5. No margin funding facility.
  6. No proprietary trading.

The Zerodha is a SEBI registered stock broker and a member of NSE and BSE.

While opening an account with any stock broker, customers are always concerned about safety and security. So, this app is safe from all the aspects which are references to the above. 

   2. Upstox

         Upstox is a tech-first discount broking app in India that provides trading services to different segments such as including mutual funds, commodities, futures, options, and equities. That offers a fast, reliable, and easy-to-use trading platform to traders. This online investment brand with RKSV securities. India SEBI registered stoke broker app. 

Top features of the Upstox Trading app

  1. Quick buying and selling stocks.
  2. Bracket order and cover order.
  3. Always notifies you about your favourite stokes. 

3. 5 Paisa

    5 Paisa is a low-cost financial service provider that offers online tradings, mutual funds, and insurance at the cheapest rate. It has a simple brokerage model and offers the brokerage of Rs 20 per order for trades in any segment includes including equality delivery, intraday, currency derivatives, and F&O. This company runs a partner program where you refer customers and earn a share of the brokerage which is paid by your referral. To become a partner customer of the 5 Paisa you should register as an authorized person of BSE & NSE.

Advantages of using the 5 Paisa trading app 

  1. Free and paperless account create in 5 minutes. 
  2. Lowest Dp charges.
  3. Free mutual funds.
  4. Free trading platform with no software charges like mobile app, website, and desktop terminal.
  5. Algo trading and robot advisory service.
  6. Technical calls on both email and mobile.

4. Angel One

      Angle One is a full-service broker in India Which offers investments, trading, portfolio management, consulting, and research services to its clients. This is a suitable best online trading app in India for beginners. The Angle broking offers API for trading for free and it is registered with SEBI.

Best Feature of Angle One Trading App

  1. Easy share transfer.
  2. Pledging facility to avail loan.
  3. Freezing Demant Accounts.
  4. Speed E- Facilities.
  5. Lower risk.
  6. Easy holding.
  7. Reduced cost and time.

5.  Kotak Stock Tranding App

Kotak Stock is a bank-based broker which offers 3 in 1 accounts such as savings, Demat, and trading accounts. The bank account merges lots of benefits into one great service. This is India’s largest full-service stock broking company which is catering institutional and retail investors across all segments of the share market. That company also provides direct access to the US market through a tie-up with a partner broker. 

Benefits of having 3 in 1 account in Kotak

  1. Seamless, zero hassle treading.
  2. Choose multiple trading platforms
  3. Margin against securities.
  4. ASBA facilities are available for IPO orders.


FYERS is a trustworthy, safe, and reliable broker which offers brokerage-free equity delivery and direct mutual funds. These are the cheapest stock broker online. They believe in being transparent and offering technology-driven stock broking services. The company follows all the regulations need as a stockbroker and they have not been reported for any major violations. This trading and Demat account opening charge are zero. 

Feature of the FYERS

  1. Directly tread from the chart.
  2. Price ladder Trading for intraday traders.
  3. Market data on global equity indices, currencies, commodities, and ADRs.
  4. Portfolio tracker and simulation.
  5. F&O analysis tools for making speedy trading decisions.

7. mStock

The Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Limited (mStock) exchanges shares owned by the Ministry of Finance of the Government of India. Comstock’s app and  Web platforms are built on scalable technology with bank-grade security. This is a simple, convenient interface, perfect for both, new-age investors and seasoned traders.

Top Benefits of mStock

  1. Open zero brokerage trading account.
  2. Lowest interest rate, starting at 7.99% on MTF.
  3. Quick 5 minutes onboarding process.
  4. One-click order placements. 


IIFL is the India Infoline Markets trading app that the brokerage charges higher when compared to other trading apps. Because its Demat and trading Account comes with Industry’s best trading and regular personalized portfolio analysis. This is India’s largest trading company which is reliable, trustworthy, and secure. The company is a genuine stockbroker with all required certifications and membership. That trading platform provides the best advisory service to the client. It provides various investment options to clients ranging from equity systematic investment plans, commodities, the currency of mutual funds, and F&O. 

9. INDmoney

INDmoney is a super financial app that helps you to save, plan and invest money for your family, all these things in one place. That app empowers you to convert the IND to USD at the lowest possible cost. With this super saver bank account, enjoy zero fund transfer fees and invest your money in India’s largest stock markets or brands like Tesla, Apple, Microsoft & many more.

This app is 100% secure for SEBI registration. When you start investing in INDmoney, you need to have a minimum credit rating of 650 and confirm your account on INDmoney in order to receive INDcoins.

10. Binance

Binance is a real trader on an amazing crypto exchange. They offer very low commissions, a wide variety of coins and advanced trading tools. This app is a fairly safe crypto exchanger, with lots of advanced security features. Follow some steps in the Binance app so you can easily withdraw the funds from your account. By using the WazirX you can easily deposit INR in Binance to trade cryptocurrency. 

Benefits of Binance

  1. Exclusive customer support.
  2. Special promotion to Merchants. 
  3. Advanced app management.
  4. Industry-leading security
  5. Customized trading methods. 
  6. Verified badges.