Tried and easy tips to take proper care of your veneers

There was a time when veneers were restricted among movie stars and other celebrities. Recently, the dental procedure has become common among the masses. If the stats are to be believed then it is clear that Britons prefer changing or improving the appearance of their teeth more than the Americans. When 43% of Brits prefer undergoing the procedures that improve the appearance of your teeth, compared to that only 36% of Americans those treatments. In other words you can say procedures like Invisalign, teeth whitening and veneers are more popular across the UK than those are in the US.   

In this backdrop an increasing number of queries from a steadily increasing number of people are coming up about dental veneers. In order to satisfy those queries a leading dentist with years of experience in providing patients with precise treatments with veneers across London shares the following information. It is expected the information shared here will help you take an informed decision as and when the situation demands.

An introduction to dental veneers

Veneers are nothing but ceramic shells that come as thin as wafers. Each shell is precisely customised to cater to your specific needs and provide you with your specific smile. Veneers allow dentists change the shape, colour, size as well as texture of your teeth. As a result your mouth gets the perfect personalised look that you want. Thanks to veneers treatment dentists can change your smile easily making it either natural looking, dramatic or even perfect snow-white like those renowned Hollywood characters. Moreover the treatment allows dentists to target even a single tooth as well as provide you with a full or total smile makeover.

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Dental veneers – who are these meant for?

Porcelain veneers are pretty easy and hassle-free to fit. This cosmetic dental solution is meant for almost every adult. The solution proves ideal for the following cases –

  • Severely discoloured teeth
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Gapped teeth or gummy smile
  • Tooth or teeth implants for the missing teeth
  • Misalignment of the teeth ranging from minor to major

Why veneers are so popular?

There are lots of factors that contribute to the popularity of teeth veneers. Few of those factors include the following –

  • Veneers last really long
  • They just look like your natural teeth. In fact it is practically impossible to recognise your veneer composite tooth from the rest of the natural teeth
  • The procedure is simple, uncomplicated and free of hassles
  • The procedure involved minimal preparation
  • Unlike dentures you would love to wear veneers constantly in your mouth
  • Veneers are fixed and non removable. thus hey work effectively just like your natural teeth

Veneers easily last around 10 to 15 years. However just like your natural tooth or teeth veneers are likely to undergo natural wear and tear. It is important to be little conscious of what you are eating when you have a veneered tooth or teeth. When you are conscious about what you are eating, you can easily avoid natural wear and tear as well as staining of your veneered tooth or teeth.  

Food that you should avoid when you have veneered tooth

It has already been mentioned that when you have a veneered tooth or teeth it is better to avoid certain foods. What foods should you avoid? Skilled dentists having years of experience in successfully handling cases of resin veneers suggest you should include foods like –

  • Sticky food items including toffee
  • Hard and sweet items as well as ice – the reason is simple. Although veneers are quite strong and durable just like your natural teeth but those are not literally unbreakable. So it is better to avoid such food items
  • Other than food items you should also care for the beverages you drink often when you are on veneers. Popular drinks like coffee, red wine and any dark coloured beverage often stain the teeth. So it is better to cut down on those drinks as much as possible
  • At the same time it is also important to cut down on alcohol consumption. Alcohol erodes away the shine of the teeth much faster

Easy to follow tips on care and maintenance of veneers

Now let us discuss few tried and tested tips on how to take proper care of veneers. When you take the right care of your veneers, the life of the appliance gets extended considerably. Thus you can joy better value of your money.

  • Maintain optimum oral hygiene day in and day out.
  • Brush the teeth in the right manner twice a day at least for two minutes each time.  
  • Floss the teeth daily as well, preferably after each meal.
  • Rinse the mouth well with an antibacterial mouthwash once daily.
  • Cut down on sugary foods and drinks as much as possible to avoid chances of both tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Go for a thorough dental check-up every six months.

Why veneers need to be replaced

If you decide to undergo veneers treatment it is definitely a good choice. But it is important to remember that at some stage or the other along the timeline you may have to replace your veneers. Usually veneers last easily for up to 12 years. But when the time for replacement comes your dentist will polish as well as redo your veneers to make your teeth appear bright and attractive like ever before.

A leading dentist working at the renowned Baysawater Dental Clinic in London says during replacement a small amount of your natural enamel too is removed with your existing veneer. If there is not enough enamel in your tooth then dentists rely on a crown to make the necessary replacement.