Ultimate Guide to Solve TP Link Extender Orange Light Issue

At the time of TP Link WiFi extender setup, you may see numerous lights flash on the range extender. Each light has its own meaning. If the power LED light blinks green, it indicates that everything is perfect. But in case, the LED light turns orange, it means that your wireless range extender caught some error. Well, some of you might be wondering how to resolve an orange light issue. But, no need to worry. In this post, we have discussed troubleshooting tips to resolve the TP Link extender orange light issue.
But, before we discuss the troubleshooting tips, let’s have a look at the key reasons that might be creating the issue. Knowing the reason will make it easy for you to rectify it.

Causes: TP Link Extender Orange Light Issue

There can be various reasons why you are facing TP Link extender orange light problems. A few of them are listed below:

  • The distance between the TP-Link extender and the wireless router is too much.
  • The Internet connection is poor.
  • Technical hitches.
  • Inadequate power supply.
  • Loose or faulty cable connection.
  • WiFi Interference.
  • Incomplete TP extender setup.

Fixed: TP Link Extender Orange Light Issue

The process to resolve the TP Link extender orange light issue is straightforward. Go through the steps discussed below to fix the problem.

1. Restart Your Device

Power cycle or rebooting works like magic in fixing many technical hiccups. This simple remedy has the ability to fix many minors or majors issue related to technical devices. If you have no idea how to restart then follow the steps listed below:

  • Turn off the extender, and unplug it from the electrical outlet.
  • Wait for some time.
  • Now, insert the wireless range extender into the power socket and turn on the switch.
  • Do not forget to connect the TP-link extender to the home router again.

2. Change the Position of Extender

As we discussed above, you place the wireless extender or home router too far from each other. To avoid this issue, make sure that you placed wireless devices in the same room. But, not too far or not too close. The reason being is they do not communicate properly with each other. Along with that, also place the extender on a higher surface or in a ventilated room.

3. Check Ethernet Cable

Another way to resolve TP Link extender orange light issue is by checking the Ethernet cable you use to connect the range extender to the host router. Be sure that the Ethernet cable is not defective. Just in case, it is damaged replace the existing cable with the new one.

4. Eliminate WiFi Interference

To avoid this issue, make sure that your wireless devices are placed far away from the objects like treadmills, baby monitors, microwaves, washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, Bluetooth speakers, fish tanks, aluminum studs, and much more.

5. Verify Power Supply

The next way to resolve the orange light issue by checking the proper power supply. To do away with this issue, confirm that your WiFi devices get a stable and ample power supply.

6. Rest and Reconfigure

If none of the above-mentioned tips work for you, then it’s high time to reset TP-Link extender to its factory default settings. But, always keep in mind after the reset process all the personalized settings such as network name (SSID), username, or passphrase will be erased. If you are not sure how to reset the wireless range extender to its default settings then walk through the steps given below:

  • Make sure that your extender is powered up properly.
  • After that, find the Reset button on it.
  • Using a sharp pointed object, press it gently for a couple of seconds.
  • Your TP-Link extender is now running on the default factory settings.

Final Notes

That’s it! We end our guide on how to fix TP Link extender orange light issue. Follow these simple hacks and resolve the problem. We expect that you have successfully solved the wireless range extender orange light issue in a trouble-free way. Thank you for reading the post.