Understanding The Bilateral Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in India

Medical conditions such as alcoholism, tumors, and strokes have recently become severely common. These conditions have given rise to many degenerative diseases like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc., which are affecting the lives of humans to a great extent.

Degenerative diseases may also arise from the genetic predisposition of the individual and can affect the health of the individual. Today, hip joint issues have become one of the most common degenerative conditions.

Fortunately, medical techniques known as joint replacements have made the treatment of this condition a lot easier.

Bilateral hip replacement surgery is one such medical procedure that is useful in treating this condition.

Bilateral hip replacement technology has developed incredibly in India and has a high success rate. 

The bilateral hip replacement surgery cost in India is also inexpensive and cheaper than in many destinations. It starts from USD 3661 and can go up to USD 4272 depending upon the disease’s complexity, the hospital’s location, and the medical professional’s specialization.

If you want to know more about bilateral hip replacement surgery in India, then keep reading this blog to clearly understand the affordability of this treatment in India!

What is Bilateral Hip Replacement Surgery, and Why is it Needed?

Bilateral hip replacement or simultaneous total hip replacement is a type of surgical procedure that is performed to replace the damaged parts of the hip joint with fresh artificial parts.

A bilateral hip replacement becomes necessary for patients who suffer from degenerative disorders. When physical therapy and medications stop functioning, a bilateral replacement may arise as a convenient option for treatment.

As degenerative problems may also affect the shape of their hips, cause pain in joints, and cause mobility issues for the patient, a bilateral hip replacement may also be useful in relieving such severe symptoms of the condition.

Are There Any Risks?

Usually, a bilateral hip replacement is an advanced medical procedure that has a high success rate. Hence, complications and risks associated with the procedure are typically less.

Some of the few risks associated with the procedure may include:

  • Infections
  • Bad reaction to anesthesia
  • Blood clots
  • Nerve or bone damage
  • Dislocation of joints
  • Loosening of implants

If you experience any of these effects after your treatment, consult your physician immediately for proper treatment.

Bilateral Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in India 

India is a developing nation that is home to some of the finest hospitals and qualified doctors in the world. 

The healthcare system in India has progressed incredibly in the last decade, which has made it a prominent destination for medical tourism.

Bilateral hip replacement treatment is also widely available in India and is exceptionally reasonable that the treatment offered in several other countries.

On average, the expense of hip replacement surgery in India starts from Rs. 300000 and can go up to Rs. 350000. ( USD 3661 to USD 4272) 

While the bilateral hip replacement surgery cost in India can be around Rs. 460000 to Rs. 540000. ( USD 5614 to USD 6591)

This expense is quite pocket-friendly compared to most destinations, like the USA, where the costs can range from USD 31000 to USD 45000. Hence, India is a relevant destination for availing of high-quality treatment at affordable rates.

Top 5 Bilateral Hip Replacement Doctors in India

  1. Dr. Sanjiv K S Marya- Based in New Delhi, India, Dr. Sanjiv K S Marya is a prominent orthopedic and joint replacement surgeon having a golden experience of over 38 years in the field. He has successfully performed over 15000 joint surgeries and won several renowned awards for his significant contribution to the field. He is an expert in performing single-sitting bilateral knee and hip replacement surgeries and is also interested in joint replacement surgeries of both upper and lower limbs.
  2. Dr. Prithvi Mohandas- Dr. Prithvi Mohandas is a well-known orthopedic and joint replacement specialist based in Chennai, India. He has gained an experience of more than 20 years in the field and has been rewarded with many awards for his faithful service. He is highly qualified and has an interest in studying the variables affecting hip implant design, minimally invasive procedures, and load transfer in the femoral head.
  3. Dr. Ashok Rajgopal- Having a rich experience of nearly 32 years in the domain of orthopedics, Dr. Ashok Rajgopal has emerged as one of the best orthopedic and joint replacement surgeons based in Gurgaon, India. He has marked his name for performing more than 25,000 total knee replacements and has been an honorable surgeon to the president of India. His clinical interests and specializations include knee, joint replacement, arthroscopic, and arthroplasty surgeries. 
  4. Dr. Satish V. Modi- Dr. Satish V. Modi is a highly qualified and experienced doctor having exposure of almost 50 years in the field of orthopedics. He is based in Mumbai, India, and is an expert in performing joint replacement surgeries. He has been rewarded with many reputed awards and is specialized in the treatment of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, trauma, sports injury, knee pain, hip replacement, joint pain, bone fractures, and bone tumor treatment.
  5. Dr. Vikram Paode- Dr. Vikram Paode is one of the best orthopedic and joint replacement surgeons based in Mumbai, India. He has rich experience of more than 25 years in treating patients with orthopedic disorders and has won many prominent prizes for his excellence in the field. His special interests and specializations include hip & knee arthroscopic surgeries, complex trauma surgery, revision arthroplasty, and therapeutic arthroscopy of the hip, knee & shoulder, and soft tissue in the knees. Along with this, he is also an expert in performing pelvic osteotomy for dysplasia of the hip.

In conclusion, bilateral hip replacement is a highly useful medical technique in the treatment of degenerative problems such as hip joint conditions.

If you want to get treated at the most renowned medical destinations of the world at affordable expense, getting treated in India might be the best option for you.