Upgrade your business communication with Vonex Cloud Calling.

A cloud-based communication service

Interested in increasing the functionality and lowering the cost of your phone system? Most certainly, you’ve heard about cloud calling systems. Successfully running firms depend on effective communication. Traditional phone systems cannot satisfy the demands of modern businesses in the current fast-paced business environment. In this situation, cloud-based communication tools like Vonex Cloud Calling are useful. This communication solution has a wider range of capabilities, is more affordable, and is more flexible.

A phone system that uses your internet connection is known as cloud telephony. Users can call and communicate using cloud calling through the internet.  Vonex’s cloud calling services free businesses from the headache of buying and maintaining standalone devices. Direct call-making is possible from any internet-connected computer or mobile device.

Due to the lack of a need for landlines and other hardware, it differs from earlier phone call options. Customers can choose a third-party vendor that “hosts” the cloud services on their platform. Customers would then be able to use the different advantages of cloud-calling services. The term “cloud calling” only officially relates to voice-based communications.

Vonex cloud calling

Businesses can use VoIP technology to place and receive calls. Cloud calling is a cloud-based communication service. Its numerous features are available. We provide intelligent call routing, IVR, call recording, and call queuing. Vonex’s cloud calling is a cheap and customizable solution.  It helps businesses of all kinds minimize costs. Organizations can improve communication and provide a better customer experience.

Scaling up is possible with VONEX’s cloud calling thanks to its cloud-centric database. We assist you in growing your business across areas without having to invest in new infrastructure. You won’t have to worry about spending money on new tools. The program receives regular, automated upgrades, so you don’t have to worry about it becoming outdated.

Vonex cloud telephony streamlines communications for your business and grows with it. Whether you’re growing your internal teams, opening up new offices, or hiring remote workers, cloud calling will make growth simple and economical.

How does it work

Cloud telephony eliminates the need for on-premises PBX infrastructure. Your cloud solution could be web-based or offered as an application. So you wouldn’t have to run your PBX. Users of desktop or mobile devices can place and receive calls using an internet connection. Vonex manages the routing when you contact the desired number. Your internet connection is used to transmit the converted data packets of the analog voice signals. It links your phone to the person you’re calling in this manner.

A VoIP desk phone would replace individual phone extensions on your end. You link your phones to your existing network rather than a landline. A softphone, which is an application downloaded to your computer, tablet, or smartphone, is another option. In both situations, you make the call from a sleek, user-friendly interface and do so quickly.

Cloud calling offers better communication and calls security. Cloud masking, for example, protects customer data from employee access. In addition, data is not lost in the event of a laptop catastrophe or a system failure in an organization. Disaster recovery is simple. There is no need for physical equipment with Vonex Cloud Calling. Your staff may communicate with clients and one another using any device that has internet access. They can do this from any location where they have access to the internet.

Cloud calling and traditional PBX

Starting with cloud telephony is easy from the standpoint of your business. Starting and sustaining your phone service will be much more difficult with a traditional PBX. The cost and labor of setup come first. A telephone provider must come to your location and install stationary equipment. You will be responsible for both the labor and the equipment.

It is impossible to keep track of business communications, such as sales calls or service requests, using standard desk phones. You can maintain a record of all incoming and outgoing calls using the call recording feature. Cloud calling solves this problem with the help of this functionality.

Even so, if you outsource the maintenance of your phone system, you won’t have to give up complete control. Your IT teams can still manage and implement simple system upgrades and modifications. With your new cloud-based system, you have complete control over your phone numbers, extensions, and call forwarding.

Traditional PBX refers to an on-premises phone system that uses physical hardware, such as switches and phone lines, to connect calls within an organization. PBX systems require a significant upfront investment in equipment and infrastructure, as well as ongoing maintenance and upgrades. They typically involve dedicated phone lines and require a physical presence in the office.

Final Words

In summary, Vonex Cloud Calling is the ideal option for you if you want to improve your company’s communications. Vonex offers a cost-effective, feature-rich, and adaptable communication solution. It helps organizations enhance their communication processes.  We give customers a better experience. Vonex Cloud Calling is the ideal option for companies of all sizes wishing to modernize their communication processes.