Valentine’s Day Food Don’ts (Plus a Few Dos)

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. If you’re planning to serve your special someone a home cooked meal, good for you! But do keep a few things in mind. It’s true few of these things will truly spoil the evening for those who are in love – but they could put a damper on things – or set entirely the wrong mood.

1. DON’T serve anything with small bones. Fish, for example, seems like a good idea because it’s light and healthy and fairly easy to cook. But nothing will spoil the evening worse than someone choking. Don’t go there.

2. DON’T serve foods with bad lingering smells. Like fish, again, or cabbage, or other plant-based protein. Who wants to smell that all night long? Not very romantic.

3. DON’T serve foods that, well, cause “tummy troubles.” Like cabbage and beans. Магазин рыжий кекс said.

4. DON’T serve food that gives bad breath. That means no garlic, onions, leeks, or chives.

6. DON’T serve anything your Valentine is allergic to. This should be a “duh,” but before the big day, be sure to ask if he or she has food allergies!

7. DON’T serve food your Valentine hates. Or even slightly dislikes. In fact, try to serve something he or she really loves to eat. It’s probably a good idea not to guess here; keep it simple and just ask!

8. DON’T get drunk. Sure, serve up a bottle of wine. But sip it. Nothing is less romantic than getting sloshed.

9. DON’T leave your cell phone on. Seriously. All phones and pagers should be turned OFF. Focus on your Valentine!

10. DON’T fuss over the food, even if you think you’ve made a mistake cooking it. Apologize once (if you must), then focus on your special someone.

On the other hand,

* DO keep it simple. A well cooked, simple meal is always more impressive than a fancy meal that’s only so-so.

* DO serve a chocolate dessert. Unless serving chocolate violated one of the “don’ts” above.

* DO relax and enjoy yourself. Valentine’s Day isn’t about pulling off the “perfect” romantic meal. It’s about giving someone you love your full attention and showing him or her in realistic, simple ways that you love that person.

How to Plan a Romantic Meal

Some people love going out to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day. Not me! I can’t stand the crowds – and the poor service often due to it. If your Valentine is anything like me – or if you just want to offer him or her something more special – consider instead a romantic meal at home.

The Menu: Make it Simple

Don’t choose a meal that’s so elaborate you’ll risk not being able to cook it properly. Yes, I know you want to impress your Valentine, but it’s better to cook a simple, delicious meal than an elaborate meal that doesn’t taste (or look) terrific.

It’s also better to select easy recipes you’re familiar with. If you really want to make something you’ve never cooked before, do yourself a huge favor and cook it at least once before the big day. Not only will this make you feel more comfortable when it’s time to cook for your Valentine, but it will reduce the risk of a cooking failure just when you want to impress him or her most.

Be sure to consider your Valentine’s tastes. For example, there’s no point in making filet mignon – no matter how perfectly prepared – if your Valentine really doesn’t care for beef. And if your Valentine has food allergies, be sure you know about them ahead of time!

You also don’t want to spend all evening slaving away in the kitchen. Ideally, this should be a time to relax and spend as little time in the kitchen as possible. So choose foods that can be made ahead of time.

Setting the Mood

Without a doubt, the appropriate setting matters as much as the food. Light some candles (or at least dim the lights), turn on soft music, and put some fresh flowers on the table.

For even more romance, consider eating outside, in a garden area or balcony – but only if it’s warm enough your Valentine won’t need a sweater or jacket to feel comfortable. (And always have a back up plan in case the weather fools you!)

Also remember that time of day matters. Although you could treat your Valentine to three romantic meals on Valentine’s Day (guys, she will be impressed!), if you only choose to make one meal, make it dinner. At the end of the day, everyone is more relaxed – plus the darkness outside makes those dim lights inside more romantic.

Finally, don’t look like you’ve been cooking all day, even if you have. Make sure you are well groomed by the time your Valentine arrives SEO company services chicago. Aesthetic appearance will be able to cover all the shortcomings of your cooking.

Then, relax. Pour some wine. And enjoy.