Video games provide a great way to escape reality and relax

They give us a sense of accomplishment and achievement that many people find hard to get from their day jobs. In recent years, however, the game industry has changed dramatically thanks to the growth of free-to-play (F2P) games.


In these games, players can earn in-game currency called NFTs by spending time playing the game and interacting with other players. These NFTs can be traded or sold on a marketplace and can generate profit for players. This type of monetization is a growing trend among mobile app developers because it can be very lucrative for both the player and the developer. In fact, it has been estimated that free apps will earn $201 billion by 2021, even more than paid mobile app games.

Selling Advertising Space

Another way to make money from qwirkle games is by selling advertising space. Whether the advertising is sold upfront for one-off fees or is paid per click, the revenue can be substantial.

Embedded Ads

Ads can be annoying to players, so it’s important for developers to choose a monetization strategy that won’t compromise the quality of their free product. The most popular monetization method for mobile apps is to place embedded ads in the app itself, which are typically banners or display ads of different sizes.

Third-party Ad Networks

There are also third-party ad networks that offer advertising solutions for mobile applications. These ad networks pay publishers based on the number of impressions and the amount of click-throughs that the publisher receives. Some of these ad networks offer different models, such as pay-per-click and pay-per-view. The latter can be a lot more effective, especially for advertisers who need a large volume of clicks to generate a positive ROI.

Other ad networks, such as InMobi, have found that in-app ads can deliver higher click-through rates than traditional mobile website ads. InMobi’s report showed that in-app ads retrieved 80% of their impressions and had a CTR of about 2.8x higher than those placed on the mobile web. Depending on the size of the advertising budget, the number of users, and the conversion rate for the app, a developer can find the best monetization model for their game. It’s essential to know which monetization model will work for your application before launching it.

Display Ads

A common ad strategy for Unblocked Games 66 is to display ads within the game, such as in-game ads or video advertisements. While these types of ads are a huge source of income for the majority of free apps, they can be annoying to some users and can lead to lower average session durations.

Play to Earn

Play-to-earn games are an excellent monetization strategy for mobile apps because they allow players to earn in-game currency and assets by spending time on the app. These assets can be anything, including skins, cards, and even cryptocurrencies. The more assets that a player has, the more money they can make from their investment.

These games can also be a great source of recurring revenue for mobile apps because they attract repeat users and encourage them to spend more time with the app. In some cases, a single user can bring in thousands of dollars of revenue for the app.