Vitamins for children, i.e. gummies, gums and lollipops straight from the pharmacy

Parents try to take care of the proper nutrition of their children, although it is not always an easy task! Babies like to fuss, they also have their cravings, they suffer from various types of food allergies or food, and this effectively prevents the body from providing the required portion of ingredients needed for its proper development and functioning. And although nutritionists argue that a well-balanced diet is able to meet the daily needs of the child’s body for most vitamins Gummies, sometimes the introduction of multivitamin supplementation may be necessary!

Vitamins for children, i.e. gummies, gums and lollipops straight from the pharmacy

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What vitamins does a child need? 

Regardless of age, vitamins are needed for the proper functioning of the body! Due to the fact that the body is unable to produce them on its own (except for small amounts of vitamin K and vitamin D, which is synthesized in the skin under the influence of sunlight), they must be supplied with the diet, and in states of increased demand, additionally in the form of dietary supplements. (best vitamins gummy)In the case of children who grow and develop intensively, the need for vitamins increases, as well as in periods of weakened immunity and increased risk of diseases. Here are the reasons why the body needs specific vitamins to develop and function properly:

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  • Vitamin D – this is one of the most important ingredients that is recommended to be supplemented in children. This key substance is essential for the proper growth, development and function of bones and teeth. Without it, children can develop rickets.
  • Vitamin C – supports the work of the immune and nervous systems, moreover, it is essential in the production of collagen, which is responsible for, among others, for the proper functioning of bones and teeth.
  • Vitamin A – it is vitamin A that supports proper vision and helps in the proper functioning of the immune system.
  • B vitamins – within this group there are substances that support the proper functioning of the nervous system and participate in the energy production process. The vitamin B complex includes: vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12.
  • Vitamin K – another vitamin that is needed to keep bones healthy. In addition, it is responsible for the proper blood coagulation process. 

A good dietary supplement for children

First of all, it must be a product aimed at children; usually the lower limit for this type of preparation is 3 years of age. This is important because multivitamins for adults are not suitable for use in children, the doses of active substances contained in them are definitely too high for the needs of a small organism. A dietary supplement is intended to be only a supplementary supplement, not a basic source of vitamins in the diet! Too high doses of some vitamins can lead to their overdose, which can have serious health consequences.

How to encourage a child to use vitamin preparations?

The main sources of vitamins are fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and whole grains, i.e. those food groups that are not among children’s favorites. So how to supplement potential vitamin deficiencies? Well, tablets or capsules are a good solution for adults, in the case of children it does not always work. Then various types of lozenges, gummies, lollipops, soluble chewing gums or effervescent tablets come to the rescue.

Vitamins for children, i.e. gummies, gums and lollipops straight from the pharmacy

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 Children “eat” with their eyes, so the more interesting the form of the supplement, the greater the chance that the toddler will be tempted by a preparation that is shaped like a dinosaur and tastes like “something bought in a store”. In pharmacies, we have various types of supplements containing vitamins for children to choose from. The most popular among children are gummies that most closely resemble the sweets.

Do you see that your child is tired, apathetic, looks “fuzzy”? These could be symptoms of a vitamin deficiency! The reason for this may be a monotonous diet consisting of products poor in essential nutrients.(gummies for hair skin and Nails) If your toddler refuses to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, try to outsmart him by offering colorful, vitamin-packed gummies or effervescent lozenges.

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