Want to Pass AZ-900 Exam on your first try?

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Want to Pass AZ-900 Exam on your first try?

AZ-900 Certification | Azure Fundamentals

Microsoft Azure is one of the most widely used cloud computing platforms that is utilized by businesses and organizations worldwide. To become proficient in Azure, individuals often pursue various certifications, including the AZ-900 certification, which focuses on Azure Fundamentals. Preparing for the AZ-900 certification exam can be challenging, but with the right resources and tools, it can become a breeze. One such resource is AZ-900 dumps, which provide candidates with the necessary study material and practice tests to ace the exam. AZ-900 dumps are essentially a set of questions and answers that are compiled based on the exam objectives. These dumps are created by professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of the exam topics and question formats. The AZ-900 dumps PDF format is the most popular and convenient option for candidates as it allows them to access the study material from anywhere and at any time.

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AZ-900 dumps contain hundreds of questions that cover all the exam objectives, including Azure cloud concepts, Azure services, security, privacy, compliance, and pricing and support. The dumps also provide detailed explanations for each question, helping candidates to understand the concepts better. In addition to the AZ-900 dumps PDF, candidates can also opt for AZ-900 practice tests. These practice tests are designed to simulate the actual exam environment and test the candidates’ knowledge and understanding of the exam topics. AZ-900 practice tests are an excellent way to assess one’s preparedness for the exam and identify areas that require more attention. AZ-900 dumps study material is a comprehensive resource that covers all the exam objectives and provides candidates with the necessary tools to prepare for the exam effectively. The study material includes video tutorials, e-books, and other resources that supplement the dumps and practice tests, making the learning process more engaging and effective.

What is the AZ-900 Exam?

The AZ-900 exam is the entry-level certification exam for Microsoft Azure cloud services. This exam measures a candidate’s foundational knowledge of cloud concepts, Azure services, Azure workloads, security, and privacy in Azure, as well as Azure pricing and support.

Topic of Exam

The exam is designed to test the candidate’s understanding of the following topics:

  1. Cloud Concepts
  2. Azure Services
  3. Azure Workloads
  4. Azure Security and Privacy
  5. Azure Pricing and Support

Exam Syllabus

Here’s a breakdown of the topics covered in the exam:

  • Cloud Concepts – 20-25%
  • Azure Services – 15-20%
  • Azure Workloads and Security – 25-30%
  • Azure Pricing and Support – 20-25%

Market Demand for AZ-900

As more and more companies are moving their operations to the cloud, the demand for professionals with expertise in cloud computing is skyrocketing. The AZ-900 exam is a great way to demonstrate your foundational knowledge of cloud concepts, which can open the door to many entry-level Azure cloud jobs.

Benefits of AZ-900 Exam

Enhance your Resume: The certification adds credibility to your resume and validates your skills in cloud computing.

Entry-Level Certification: The AZ-900 exam is an excellent entry-level certification for individuals who want to start their career in cloud computing.

Better Opportunities: The certification opens up many job opportunities in the Azure cloud ecosystem, giving you the chance to work with top companies around the world.

Cost-Effective: The AZ-900 exam is a cost-effective way to get started with Microsoft Azure. The exam is relatively inexpensive, and you can take it online from the comfort of your own home.


Q: What is the format of the exam?

A: The exam consists of 40-60 multiple-choice questions, and you have 85 minutes to complete the exam.

Q: What is the passing score for the exam?

A: The passing score for the exam is 700 out of 1000.

Q: How much does the exam cost?

A: The cost of the exam is $99 USD.

Q: How long is the AZ-900 certification valid?

A: The certification is valid for two years from the date you pass the exam.

Want to Pass AZ-900 Exam on your first try?


In conclusion, the AZ-900 exam is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in pursuing a career in cloud computing. By obtaining this certification, you can demonstrate your foundational knowledge of cloud concepts, open up new job opportunities, and validate your skills in Azure cloud services. So, what are you waiting for? Start studying for the AZ-900 exam today and take the first step towards a rewarding career in cloud computing!