What are the Best free technical analysis software for Indian stock market in 2023?

In my early days as an investor, technical analysis tools were thought to be only for traders who bet on daily price movements. But they were wrong. Fundamental analysis is undoubtedly important in finding the right stocks for long-term investment purposes, but if you are good at technical analysis of market movements, you can buy undervalued stocks at the right time. 

What are the Best free technical analysis software for Indian stock market in 2023?

Will increase the overall return. The market is flooded with technical analysis software, but most of them are paid and require a lot of money to purchase. We have made a list of the Best free technical analysis software for Indian stock market in 2023. We have personally used two of them, Tradingview and ChartIQ, and we love them both. 

List out the Best free technical analysis software.


TradingView is the overall best technical analysis software among traders, investors and market analysts due to its advanced charting and social features. TradingView’s advanced charting features allow you to create your own chart layouts, gettoplists add dozens of indicators and overlays, and use various drawing tools. TradingView comes with 3 screeners:

  • Stocks
  • Forex
  • Cryptocurrencies.


ChartIQ focuses on creating an HTML5 platform for technical analysis data visualisation that is compatible with desktop, online, tablets, and smartphones. We find ChartIQ the Best free technical analysis software for Indian stock market in 2023 and visualization more compelling. Make technical analysis fun by working with financial data by accessing custom charts with a wide range of innovative data visualizations. ChartIQ recently launched the Gonogo trend chart indicator to help traders and investors take the guesswork out of making important trading decisions. 


A full-featured technical analysis programme with a window-based interface, Investar provides a number of free tools designed specifically for intraday trading. However, you can also purchase a paid version that offers more tools for in-depth analysis. Investar can be a bit overwhelming for newbies with so many tools and options to deal with.


NinjaTrader is designed for experienced traders who trade not only stocks but also futures and forex markets. NinjaTrader has great charting tools. 125 technical indicators allow you to accurately analyze market trends. The platform offers a wide range of features such as advanced charting, backtesting and automation features. One of the main advantages of NinjaTrader is its flexibility to be customized to the individual trader’s needs.

Trend Analyzer

Trend Analyzer is another free technical analysis tool that is very efficient but not very popular. Get all the standard chart types like OHLC, candlesticks, line charts and more.

Built-in Trading Strategies – Trend Analyzer also provides built-in strategies such as Trend Energy, Escala, TA Turtle and C9 Reversal to help you identify market trends for better decision making. You can invest in Sensex, Banknifty or Nifty 50 using the trend reversal trading strategy.

Sector Index – Compare the performance of different stock market sectors or industries. Despite capturing data for several popular sectors such as IT, pharmaceuticals, and fast-moving consumer goods.

Trend Selection – The Trend Analyzer uses the “Elliot Wave Principle” to predict trends by identifying extremes in investor thinking and price highs and lows. For example, he can identify a wave in an uptrend, enter a long position and sell the position because the pattern is likely to reverse when he completes 5 waves. 

TradingView: TradingView is a widely utilized medium that delivers a wide range of charting and specialized research instruments. It delivers a user-friendly interface, customizable hands, graphic devices, and the power to communicate views with a big assembly of retailers.
MetaTrader 4: MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is a widespread trading platform that includes built-in specialized research tools. While it is primarily designed for forex trading, it also helps the analysis of other economic agents. MT4 offers a wide range of hands, charting options, and automatic trading goods.
StockCharts: StockCharts is a web-based medium that supplies complimentary charting tools and technical analysis resources for stocks, ETFs, and indices. It offers a combination of specialized indicators, overlays, and drawing tools. While the free version has limits, it still provides the key to a good set of components.
ProRealTime: ProRealTime offers free access to their charting and technical analysis software with real-time data for several markets. It provides a comprehensive selection of indicators, drawing tools, and customizable layouts. While the free version has limitations, it offers a robust set of features.

Investing.com: Investing.com is a popular financial website that offers free charting and technical analysis tools. It covers a wide range of financial markets, including stocks, forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. It provides various indicators, overlays, and drawing tools for conducting technical analysis.
Remember that while these software options offer free access to technical analysis tools, they may also provide premium features or data that require a subscription. Additionally, it’s important to note that technical analysis is just one approach to analyzing markets, and it should be used in conjunction with other forms of analysis and risk management strategies.