What are the Top Features You Must Integrate in Your Healthcare Solution?

Healthcare digital solutions have let us bring several benefits through which we can not only identify the disturbing elements in our mind and body but also connect with doctors at the right time using phone and video calls.

Isn’t it a great thing discovered today?

The modification in the healthcare industry brings us closer to practitioners and specialists while removing the distance in between. Dynamic technologies like Machine learning, AI, Augmented Reality, and various others are responsible for such significance and effectiveness of the healthcare industry. 

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Features that you should never neglect for your healthcare organization

Here is everything you should follow and bring into focus while building your own healthcare solution.

1. Alerts & Reminders

It is obvious to forget our daily dose and medication as a patient, and the doctor would not call us to remind us every time which medicine has to consume. 

But wait, we have a solution for this. You can integrate alerts & reminders into your healthcare digital solution that will not only helps patients with their daily doses but also recovers their health instantly. 

2. Navigation System

Sometimes, finding the way to hospitals we have not visited before gets hard. For that, a navigation system must help users find their route to clinics, hospitals, fitness centers, etc. 

That’s not it!

Visitors have to ask at least three times from the staff about the room, department, or place where the patient is shifted because of several lefts and rights they must take to move in the direction. 

However, no need to be stuck in this kind of situation again because a healthcare system consists of the same feature. Your user will take no more wrong rights or lefts and reach the destination seamlessly. 

3. Seamless Payment Method

Not just in eCommerce but online payment is prevalent in almost every industry and the healthcare sector is moving ahead while allowing patients to go cashless and pay for the services they receive digitally. 

Integrating the payment gateways like Stripe and Paypal in your healthcare app while taking support from the best on-demand app development company. You are not so far away from disrupting the healthcare industry. 

Jaw-dropping, isn’t it? 

4. Health Activity Tracking

You can let your patients monitor and track their health with a feature known as health activity tracking. Instead, you can lift your business and let it break all the boundaries that stop its growth with a suitable and healthy lifestyle plan.

If that does not work, the user can also look at some recommendations made by your healthcare app. Your end-users will automatically attract to your app and bring you the most benefits when you integrate this amazing feature. 

5. Video Conferencing 

Video calls with friends and family are okay, but video calls with doctors hit differently. 

Right, isn’t it?

Why would anyone forget this essential feature? It is too vital to add to your feature list of your healthcare app. No matter where you are at the office, vacation, hotel, or home, just connect with your doctors anytime, anywhere, and you are ready to get the best consultation possible. 

Even though COVID-19 is not that powerful now, its negative impact on social distancing is still in people’s minds. Therefore, they don’t prefer to get in close more quickly. 

So, for that reason, you must include this feature. It will let you take the best of both worlds, where patients and doctors can come in front without physical contact. 

6. Wearable

We know many of you look at your wearables to gather insight into the daily steps, heart rate, blood pressure, and other health-related query. While developing a healthcare app with wearable integration, you can let your users to connect their wearables with the apps. This helps them monitor their health. Also, the healthcare wearable market is expected to reach $60 billion by 2030, which is another reason why you should invest in the wearable. 

To Sum it Up!

The healthcare industry is moving ahead at a rapid pace. Both doctors and patients can have multiple opportunities with the transitions in the healthcare industry. It is bringing a world full of opportunities and helping all to build a connection with their supposed doctors at a minimal cost. 

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