What is Amazon Inspire and how can it benefit businesses?

This article explores the concept of Amazon Inspire and discusses its potential benefits for brands.

Amazon has introduced a new feature called Amazon Inspire, which is a short-form video feed integrated into the Amazon shopping app. Its purpose is to assist customers in finding new products that match their interests, through content created by influencers, brands, and other Amazon customers. This presents an opportunity for Amazon sellers to utilize this feature and expand their customer base, ultimately boosting their sales.

Amazon Inspire aims to enhance the shopping experience by making it more enjoyable and interactive compared to traditional product listings. Customers can browse through a personalized feed of videos and photos to find new products that align with their interests. They can also make purchases directly from their feed, eliminating the need to visit the product listing. For brands, being featured on Amazon Inspire offers greater visibility, increased brand recognition, and the possibility of higher conversion rates. It also provides an opportunity to create tailored branded posts and showcase lifestyle videos and images of their products.

Amazon has previously added social media elements to its platform. Over the years, Amazon has tested different social media features such as Amazon Live and Amazon Posts. These features enable brands and influencers to host live video streams and share images and videos of their products on Amazon’s app and website.

In contrast to other features, Amazon Inspire specifically emphasizes short-form video and image content. This aligns with the current trend in social media towards shorter content, which has gained popularity on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

Can you explain how Amazon Inspire works?

The platform is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward for customers. When users open Inspire, they will be prompted to select from a list of interests. Once they choose their categories of interest, the shoppable feed will provide video and photo content tailored to those selections.

Customers have the ability to browse and shop for products while scrolling through the feed. When they come across a product they want, they can click on it and choose to view more details or add it to their cart.

Who has the ability to post content to Amazon Inspire?

Currently, there is no direct option to post content on Amazon Inspire. However, there are three methods available for creating content on Inspire.

·  Customers who post product reviews with a video or image have the opportunity to be featured in Inspire. The selection process for which reviews appear in the shoppable feed is currently random and cannot be controlled.

Customers who submit product reviews with a video or image have the opportunity to be featured in Inspire. Currently, there is no selection process for which reviews are included in the shoppable feed; it is based on randomness.

·  If you are a part of the Amazon Influencer Program, any photos or videos that you post on your Amazon Storefront have the chance to be featured in Inspire.

If you are a participant in the Amazon Influencer Program, any photos or videos that you post to your Amazon Storefront Design will be considered for inclusion in Inspire.

·  If you have a brand registered in Amazon Brand Registry and have an active Amazon Storefront, the photos you post to Amazon Posts that meet the requirements will be considered for inclusion in Inspire.

If you have a brand enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry and it is currently active.

What are the advantages of Amazon Inspire for brands?

One of the main advantages of having products featured on Inspire is the potential to reach new customers and promote your brand and products. When products are showcased on Amazon Inspire, brands can benefit from increased visibility and brand recognition, improved conversion rates, the ability to create customized branded posts, and the opportunity to display lifestyle videos and images of products. Additionally, customers have the convenience of purchasing products directly from their feed without needing to visit the product listing.

Are your products available on Amazon Inspire?

If you sell on Amazon, you may wonder if your products are on Amazon Inspire. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to find out as there’s no dedicated section for Inspire on Amazon. The best way to check is to search for your products on the Amazon app and look for the Inspire logo next to the product title. If you’re a brand owner, it’s important to actively post content in Amazon Posts to increase your chances of appearing in customers’ shoppable feeds. Optimizing your product listings can boost visibility and increase the likelihood of being featured on Amazon Inspire.

In addition to the benefits for brands mentioned above, Amazon Inspire also offers benefits for influencers who participate in the program. By posting content to Inspire, influencers have the opportunity to expand their audience and potentially increase their followers, which can result in more opportunities for brand collaborations and sponsorships.

Amazon Inspire provides customers with a more interactive and tailored shopping experience. Instead of having to search through numerous product listings, customers can explore the Inspire feed to discover new products and brands that match their preferences and personal style. This can help to alleviate the feeling of being overwhelmed and make the shopping experience more enjoyable.

Amazon Inspire offers a valuable chance for brands, influencers, and customers. Through the use of short-form videos and images, Amazon has developed a more immersive and customized shopping experience that could assist brands in reaching untapped audiences and customers in finding new products and brands that match their interests and preferences.

For brands or sellers on Amazon, it is worth considering integrating Amazon Inspire into your marketing and sales strategy. By creating high-quality, engaging content that appeals to customers and aligns with their interests, you can improve your visibility and expand your reach on Amazon, ultimately driving more sales for your business. Contact our Amazon consultants to learn more about this feature and how it can enhance your brand presence and profitability on Amazon.