What is ChildFund Cambodia?

ChildFund Cambodia is a charity organisation that helps enhance the welfare of children and their societies in Cambodia. ChildFund Cambodia seeks to empower disadvantaged children by implementing different initiatives and programs that offer education, healthcare, and livelihood assistance, ultimately enabling them to elevate from poverty and enhance life.


ChildFund Cambodia is part of the global ChildFund Alliance, a network of child-focused development organisations operating in over 60 countries. The aim of the organisation is to bring about constructive and enduring transformations for underprivileged children, families and communities grappling with poverty and disparity.


ChildFund Cambodia was founded with the vision of a world with full potential for every child. Since the charity’s inception, the organisation has been relentlessly working to tackle the underlying drivers of destitution and to provide aid for the vulnerable youth in Cambodia.


ChildFund Cambodia understands the importance of good health and nutrition for children’s overall wellbeing. The organisation has numerous programs that focus on improving healthcare services, promoting proper nutrition and raising awareness about hygiene and disease prevention.

To break the cycle of poverty, ChildFund Cambodia also offers livelihood support programs that empower families and communities. These initiatives aim to enhance income generation, promote vocational training, and provide opportunities for sustainable economic development.

Lastly, ChildFund Cambodia has made significant positive changes in the lives of countless children in the country. Through their programs, children have gained access to education, received better healthcare services and experienced improved living conditions. The organisation’s holistic approach has contributed to the overall well-being and development of children and their communities.

How to Get Involved

ChildFund Cambodia provides opportunities for volunteering, allowing people to use their abilities and time to help with multiple projects and initiatives. Volunteers are crucial in making a positive difference through teaching, mentoring, and event coordination.

You can also donate to ChildFund Cambodia. By donating to ChildFund Cambodia or sponsoring a child, you can directly support their programs and initiatives to improve the lives of vulnerable children. Your contribution can provide access to education, healthcare and essential resources that will make a lasting difference.

You can also support ChildFund Cambodia through their organised fundraising events. These events happen throughout the year to generate funds and raise awareness about their cause. By participating in these events or organising your own fundraiser, you can help mobilise support and contribute to their efforts.


ChildFund Cambodia is dedicated to empowering children and their communities in Cambodia by providing them with education, healthcare and livelihood support. Through their comprehensive programs and collaborations, they have been able to create positive and sustainable changes, helping children in breaking the cycle of poverty and a chance for a better future.

By getting involved with ChildFund Cambodia through volunteering, donating, or participating in fundraising events, you can play an active role in transforming the lives of vulnerable children and contribute to their holistic development.