What’s Under the Hood: Exploring the Gear System of Pulsar 220

Summary – A deep dive into the many Unique Selling Points of the Pulsar 220 including its gearbox. Read on to learn more.

The Pulsar 220 F was an ambitious project for Bajaj Auto. Bajaj Auto did not think that their 220 CC motorcycle range would attain cult status in India. Back in the day, the 220 CC engine from Bajaj came in three motorcycles. They are the Pulsar 220, the Pulsar 220 F and the Avenger 220. Currently, the 220 CC engine is offered in two Bajaj bikes – the Avenger Cruise 220 and the 220 Pulsar

This post, however, will focus only on the Pulsar 220.

In terms of positioning, the Pulsar 220 F is a semi-faired streetfighter bike. It suits the needs of young and middle-aged riders. The bike can be ridden to work in cities and rural locations. The bike can also be used as a weekend trip vehicle. The large capacity fuel tank and the amazing mileage of the bike make it a capable touring bike. 

In case one has plans to simply cruise the national or state highways of India then the 220 Pulsar is perfect for that as well. The semi-fairing on the bike offers ample head-on aerodynamic assistance. However, the bike does lose some of its aerodynamic benefits when it hits crosswinds.

The transmission of the Pulsar 220 F

The transmission system of the 220 F is similar to the Pulsar 150 and the rest of the Pulsar range. The only difference is that the 5-speed gearbox comes with tall gear ratios. The tall gear ratios allow the 220 CC engine to dump its entire power range linearly to the rear wheel of the bike. The transmission would have benefitted from a 6th gear and a slipper clutch. However, the wet multiplate clutch from the factory does its job efficiently. 

The other unique selling points of the 220 F are mentioned below.

A powerful 220 CC engine that delivers power linearly

The current generation of the 220 F comes with the same engine that the bike was introduced with. The only difference is that the engine now comes mated to a fuel injection system. This change made the engine compatible with BS6 emission norms. The engine retained its liquid-cooling system and DTS-i as well as ExhausTec technologies. The power and torque outputs of the engine presently are locked at 21bhp and 19Nm respectively. 

The overall packaging of the 220 F might be dated but it does the job

The latest iteration of the 220 F comes with the following packaging.

  • A front traditional telescopic fork suspension.
  • Two traditional spring-over-damper shock absorbers with gas/hydraulic fluid reservoirs each. 
  • A single front disc brake and a single rear disc brake paired with single-channel ABS.
  • 17-inch alloy wheels.
  • A 90/90 profile front tyre.
  • A 120/80 profile rear tyre.
  • A long wheelbase.
  • Spacious, contoured and well-padded split seats that are installed in a step-up manner.
  • Two halogen DRLs
  • All halogen turn indicators
  • All halogen headlamp unit
  • LED tail lamp unit
  • Illuminated switchgears
  • Side stand alarm
  • A backlit semi-digital instrument cluster
  • A gearshift light etc.

The 220 F is one of the most affordable 220 CC semi-faired street fighter bikes

Currently, the Bajaj Pulsar 220 F comes with an ex-showroom price tag of Rs. 1, 38,157. Make your down payment for bike loan at the nearest Bajaj bike dealership today!

The overall handling of the 220 F is similar to the Pulsar 150

The 220 F comes with a reinforced chassis and rear swingarm. The suspensions on the bike are set at medium hard setting. Altogether, the chassis, rear swingarm and suspensions keep the bike stable on straight lines and corners. 

The bike is pretty comfortable

The latest iteration of the Pulsar 220 F comes with an ergonomic riding triangle. One can ride the bike with a comfortable stance. The muscular fuel tank is shaped in a manner that allows it to provide ample inner thigh support to the rider. For more details on the 220 F, please visit the nearest Bajaj bike dealership today.