When to See A Child Psychologist and What To Consider?

Nothing can be more painful and stressful than seeing your child suffering from mental health issues. The reason is that psychological issues not only mask the colors of life but also cause disturbance to the developmental and physical growth of children. However, immediately consulting a reputable children psychologist in Dubai can help your child to cope with this issue 

Various Psychiatry clinics working around the world that are providing professional and expert child psychologists to help children with their mental health issues. However, approaching the right psychologist is crucial for the speedy recovery of the patient without encountering any kind of trouble or money loss to scammers.  

When To See A Child Psychologist? 

Most children with psychological issues do not get any treatment that worsens the situation and causes difficulties for them throughout their lives. The major reason is the unawareness of people with mental health risks, their causes, and their damages. Moreover, people also hesitate to accept any psychological disability in their child. 

To spread awareness about psychological disorders in children, we are enlisted here with some common reasons or signs that indicate the need for a visit to a psychological clinic ASAP.

Abnormal Behavioral Patterns 

Different children show different behaviors and responses to the same stimulus. It’s a natural phenomenon but disturbing or abnormal behavior patterns are something that needs to be concerned about. In this case, the child does not respond to changes, voices, and other activities happening in the surrounding. They do not show any expressions and also do not communicate.

Late or No Developmental Growth 

Developmental changes or growth over time is a common process and every child goes through it. In some children, it may be slow but a long delay or no development at all is a sign that your child is fighting with psychiatric disorders and needs treatment ASAP.

Anxiety or Depression. 

Feeling stress or workload is a common thing in our daily lives and children also face it daily. However, existing in this phase for too long can lead to anxiety. In this case, the patient faces panic attacks, sudden mood swings, social withdrawal, and self-harm. If you are noticing any sign of anxiety then you need to consult a child psychologist as early as possible.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 

It’s also a major psychological problem in which children feel fear of contamination and dirt. They show obsessive behavior, repeating the same activity again and again, and negative thinking. The patient washes their hands after every two minutes, cleans dirt, and does other similar activities.


Almost all children are afraid of objects like insects, darkness, and heights in childhood. However, this fear becomes reduced or eliminated as they start growing. If your children are still in the state of this fear then you should consult a psychologist ASAP. 

Self Harm 

If your children feel comfortable with self-harm like biting, hair pulling, and other acts that can harm them, then they are going through the worst form of mental sickness and need immediate treatment. 

What To Consider Before Visiting A Child Psychologist? 

Visiting a child psychologist may seem a simple process, but it involves a lot of aspects to consider from selecting the right platform to early preparations and cooperation to cost estimation. Missing a single aspect can cause problems not only for the child but also for the psychologist and everyone involved in the process.

Some Crucial aspects or factors that you need to consider before sending your child to a psychologist in Dubai or any other state of the world.

  • Make sure to consider your child’s needs like what type of psychological disorder they have and what type of treatment is more suitable.  
  • The selection of the right psychologist is also important to consider
  • Check or review the reviews of their previous clients
  • Estimate the cost and budget but never compromise on the experience and credibility of the psychologist over rates   


All the above-mentioned signs are the results of a deep search and information collected from professional child psychologists. If your child has all of these symptoms or even any of them, you need to contact credible psychiatric services like Camali Clinic to avoid further mental health damage and other life risks. 

Don’t forget to consider each aspect of visiting a children psychologist to avoid scams or frauds and any type of health and safety risks to children.

Absorption Costing MCQs with Answers Explanation Engineering ECE

What Is Absorption Costing?

Absorption costing, also known as the all-encompassing, all-inclusive, or comprehensive costing method, is a sophisticated and perplexing managerial accounting framework that attempts to incorporate all expenses that are linked to the production of a particular product. This method is highly intricate and involves a copious amount of calculations and analyses to arrive at the total cost of production.

Every minuscule expense, whether direct or indirect, such as raw materials, labor, rent, utilities, depreciation, maintenance, insurance, and every other associated cost, is taken into account to determine the total cost of the product. The complexity of this method is staggering, and it requires extensive knowledge of accounting principles, an understanding of manufacturing processes, and advanced analytical skills to execute.

However, despite its complexity, absorption costing is still widely used in the industry due to its comprehensive approach to providing an accurate picture of the cost of production. Moreover, under the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) in the United States, absorption costing is an approved method for external reporting. In contrast, variable costing is prohibited, adding to the confusion and perplexity surrounding this topic.

Which of the following costs would NOT be included in the cost of goods sold calculation under absorption costing?

a) Direct materials
b) Direct labor
c) Variable manufacturing overhead
d) Fixed manufacturing overhead
Answer: c) Variable manufacturing overhead

Explanation: Under absorption costing, both fixed and variable manufacturing overhead costs are included in the cost of goods sold calculation. Direct materials and direct labor costs are also included.

When production exceeds sales, absorption costing will result in:

a) Higher net income than variable costing
b) Lower net income than variable costing
c) The same net income as variable costing
d) None of the above
Answer: a) Higher net income than variable costing

Explanation: When production exceeds sales, there will be more fixed manufacturing overhead costs that are absorbed into the cost of goods sold calculation under absorption costing. This results in a higher net income compared to variable costing, which only includes variable manufacturing costs in the cost of goods sold calculation.

Which of the following statements is true about absorption costing?

a) It is used for external reporting purposes
b) It is used for internal decision-making purposes
c) It is the same as variable costing
d) None of the above
Answer: a) It is used for external reporting purposes

Explanation: Absorption costing is required for external financial reporting purposes, such as on the income statement and in financial statements. Variable costing, on the other hand, is often used for internal decision-making purposes.

In a period of increasing production and sales, absorption costing will result in:

a) Higher net income than variable costing
b) Lower net income than variable costing
c) The same net income as variable costing
d) None of the above
Answer: c) The same net income as variable costing

Explanation: When production and sales increase, absorption costing and variable costing will result in the same net income. This is because there will be fewer fixed manufacturing overhead costs per unit under absorption costing, but there will also be more units sold.