When you are going to take the SERU test

A private hire license will allow drivers to pick up passengers and deliver goods using a personal car. If you have an existing transport license, you will have to retake the SERU test before you can drive for a private company. This test helps to check your knowledge and competence to drive for private companies.

You will be required to have either a full driver license or a private hire license before you can start driving for a private company. To pass this test, you have to score 70% or more. Your answers are based on information found in books, manuals and websites.

When you are going to take the SERU test, make sure you come to the testing center early. This will help you to study for the test and prepare for it. If seru test you aren’t comfortable with the computer you can bring someone with you, but it is highly recommended that you prepare alone.

The test has three sections: Knowledge of the Road Code, Safe Driving and Driving Standards. There are three parts in the Knowledge of the Road Code section. It covers everything you would learn if you were studying for a driving theory test. The Safe Driving section has two questions, one about road signs and one about defensive driving. These will be different depending on what type of driver you are going to be.