Where Can You Find Property Auctions in Southampton?

Southampton is a bustling port city on the south coast of England, known for its rich maritime history and cultural landmarks. It is also a popular destination for property investors, with a range of properties available for sale through traditional channels and property auctions. If you are interested in buying property through an auction in Southampton, there are several places to start your search.

Property auctions are a popular method for buying and selling properties in the UK, particularly for investors looking for a good deal or a unique opportunity. Auctions offer a level playing field for buyers, as all interested parties have an equal chance to bid on a property and secure the sale. Auctions can be a more efficient way to purchase property, as the sale process is typically faster and more straightforward than traditional methods.

So, where can you find property auctions in Southampton? Here are some options to consider:

Local Estate Agents

Many estate agents in Southampton hold regular property auctions, either in-house or in partnership with auctioneers. These auctions may feature properties that have been on the market for a while and have not sold through traditional channels, as well as properties that are being sold by motivated sellers. Estate agents can be a good resource for finding out about upcoming auctions and getting advice on the auction process.

Online Auction Platforms

In recent years, online auction platforms have become increasingly popular for buying and selling property. These platforms allow buyers to bid on properties remotely, without needing to attend an in-person auction. Some popular online auction platforms in the UK include SDL Auctions, Auction House, and IAM Sold. These platforms typically have a range of properties available for auction, including residential, commercial, and land.

Auction Houses

There are several auction houses in Southampton that hold regular property auctions. These auctions may feature properties from a variety of sources, including banks, local authorities, and private sellers. Auction houses can be a good option for buyers who are looking for a diverse range of properties to choose from, as well as buyers who are interested in unique or unusual properties.

Public Notices

They often advertise properties that are being sold through auction in public notices, which are published in local newspapers and on websites such as The Gazette. These notices typically provide information about the property, including the date and location of the auction, as well as details about how to register to bid. Checking public notices can be a good way to find out about upcoming property auctions in Southampton.

Direct Contact with Sellers

Finally, it is also possible to find properties for auction in Southampton by contacting sellers directly. Some motivated sellers may be open to selling their property through auction, particularly if they have struggled to sell through traditional channels. Networking with property owners and landlords in the area can be a good way to find out about potential auction opportunities.

When attending a property auction, it is important to do your research in advance and understand the auction process. Read the auction catalog carefully and visit any properties that you are interested in before the auction date. It is also a good idea to set a budget for your bidding and stick to it, as auctions can be fast-paced and emotionally charged environments.

It is important to note that property auctions can be competitive, with multiple buyers bidding on the same property. As a result, it is important to have your finances in order before attending an auction, as you may be required to provide a deposit on the day of the auction and complete the purchase within a certain timeframe.

When considering a property for auction, it is also important to factor in any additional costs that may be associated with the purchase. These can include auction fees, legal fees, and potential repair costs for the property.

It is also a good idea to research the local property market and understand the value of similar properties in the area. This can help you set a realistic budget for your bidding and avoid overpaying for a property.

One potential advantage of buying property through an auction is that it can be a more transparent process than traditional methods. It made all bids public, and the winning bid is typically the highest bid received. This can give buyers greater confidence in the purchase, as I can assure them I have sold the property at market value.


Property auctions can be a great way to buy property in Southampton, particularly for investors looking for a unique opportunity or a good deal. By researching the local property market, understanding the auction process, and setting a realistic budget, buyers can increase their chances of success and secure their dream property.

In summary,

We can find property auctions in a variety of places in Southampton, including local estate agents, online auction platforms, auction houses, public notices, and direct contact with sellers. By attending auctions and understanding the auction process, buyers can secure a property at market value and potentially save money. With careful planning and research, property auctions can be a great option for those looking to buy property in Southampton.

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