Where Do You Put your Money When Flying?

Traveling can be overwhelming. Moving from one place to another, landing in a new country alone or with peers, can be challenging. Movies have given us high expectations. You don’t just go around in your punk wolf cut hair, your super expensive Karl Lagerfeld shoes, or your limited edition LV suitcase.

You can be an expert traveler or a complete beginner; traveling tests your nerves at every given point. Whether traveling internationally or domestically, you will always be on alert when you land at a new place.

One of the biggest challenges that travelers face is flying with money. The correct way to carry cash on flights can be complicated and can get you into big trouble if you are not aware of the right practices to take some money while flying.

Different airports have different flying rules, while some have more strict rules than the others,you must always be aware of the rules and regulations while you choose to fly to a new country.

Not only government rules, but you also have to be highly concerned about your own safety while carrying a good amount of money with you. Theft and robberies are very common with people while traveling.

You have to know the right ways to put your money, especially when flying.

Here is a list to help you correctly put your money when you are flying or traveling  

Although you must always be aware of the ways to put your money every time you are flying, you must also be aware of certain ground rules everytime you board a flight.

Although it is advised not to fly or travel with a hefty amount of cash because some countries have a higher crime rate than others, hopefully, these tips will cater to your safety when you fly the next time.

Before getting to ways to put your money while flying, there are some rules and regulations that you should be highly aware of:

  • Know when cash is required
  • Know about airport customs and rules
  • Carry a safe amount of cash with you
  • Foreign currency exchange
  • Carry both bigger and smaller currency notes

While some countries are safer than others, some tricks and techniques that you can easily follow to put your money while you fly safely are listed below.

Money Belts  

This is one of the oldest methods of carrying cash while you travel or fly. The belt wraps around your torso just like your regular belt and can easily be hidden under your shirt.

This is one discreet way of carrying cash.

Use A Substitute Wallet  

As safe as money belts are, it doesn’t always mean that you will be in a safe place to take out money to pay for food, transportation, etc.

While you keep the bigger bills in your money belt, you can easily keep small amounts in the dummy wallet so that even if stolen, it wouldn’t cause much damage.

Although try not to buy a wallet that would attract a lot of attention as you would not want to get robbed in any way possible, as that will be quite traumatizing for your trip.

Invest In An Anti-theft Bag  

If you are flying with a generous amount of money or valuables, try to invest in an anti-theft bag.

These bags are available with special lock zippers and hidden compartments, made with durable materials that cannot be broken easily.

For any bag you choose to travel with, make sure they are durable and properly secured with locks.

Separate The Money  

When flying with loads of cash, it is better to separate them and keep them in different places than keep them all together in one place.

Although flights are safe and secured, it is still advised that you follow this step, as it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You can divide the money between your wallet, travel accessories bag, backpack, and even in your clothes. This way, even if one gets stolen, you will still have enough money to get through the trip.

Stay Attentive  

Although it’s a very simple rule, you can never be cautious enough. Stay focused while on a flight or somewhere abroad and always be careful of your bags.

If you want to sleep on your flight, tuck in your bag safely so no one can reach for it while you are distracted. Also, on the streets, dont not flash your wallet to every other person.

There is no need to take out your wallet every time you pay. Try using your money belt or dummy wallet, which is a much safer option.


Traveling is intimidating, and so is flying. It is okay to feel nervous when you are flying to someplace new.

The excitement is normal, but to be tense alongside is nothing to worry about. Many criminal activities have been happening all throughout the world for you to worry about going to a place you have absolutely no idea about.

With incidents happening all around, it is also okay not to feel safe while flying. There was once a time when flights were considered the safest option to travel, but now you are only safe if you are cautious. Your safety is your responsibility, and it is not even that tricky. With little tricks and techniques, you can easily be safer than ever while you travel your way through.

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