Why should you Visit Grand Mosque Dubai?

Dubai is famous worldwide for its stunning and mesmerizing architectural structures, and the Grand Mosque Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable structures in the city along with Burj Khalifa. It is not only the largest mosque in Dubai but also one of the most beautiful and striking examples of Islamic architecture. For visitors to Dubai, the Grand Mosque Dubai is a must-visit destination, and in this article, we’ll deep dive into what you need to know about it and how can you get a Dubai visa.

First step: Obtaining a Dubai Tourist Visa

To visit the Grand Mosque Dubai, visitors must have a Dubai visa. There are different types of Dubai visa such as Dubai tourist visa, Dubai transit visa, and Dubai Golden visas. However, we will focus Dubai tourist visa as you have to explore the city for a few days.

How to get a Dubai tourist visa?

The process is easy and straightforward, and there are options for both eDubai visa and an online Dubai visa. The 14-day Dubai visa is suitable for those visiting for a short period, while the 14-day visit visa Dubai is for those visiting family or friends in Dubai. You can also get a 30 day Dubai visa and later extend it to up to 90 days. The visa application requires a valid passport, recent photograph, proof of onward travel, evidence of accommodation, and sufficient funds to cover the stay. You can either apply for the Dubai visa at the UAE embassy or online by visiting the official site of Dubai tourism. 

Visiting Grand Mosque Dubai

Now that you know how to get a Dubai tourist visa, let’s take a look a why you should visit Dubai Grand Mosque.

Architecture and Design

The Grand Mosque Dubai boasts a unique and impressive design that blends traditional Islamic architecture with modern elements. The mosque is entirely built of white marble, and its exteriors feature a mix of intricate floral patterns and arabesques. It has four minarets, each with a height of 70 meters, and a central dome that reaches a height of 45 meters. The interiors of the mosque are equally impressive, with the white marble floors and walls, beautiful chandeliers, and stunning stained-glass windows that create a magical and serene atmosphere. Visitors with a Dubai visa can marvel at the exquisite architectural details and appreciate the way traditional and modern design elements have been seamlessly integrated.

Cultural Significance

Apart from its architectural magnificence, the Grand Mosque Dubai is also a significant cultural landmark in Dubai. The mosque serves as a center for Islamic culture and a spiritual destination for Muslims in Dubai. Visitors to the mosque with a Dubai visa can learn about the history and traditions of Islam and witness the daily prayers and rituals performed by worshippers. Guided tours are also available to provide visitors with an in-depth understanding of the mosque’s importance and its place in Islamic culture.

Dress Code at Grand Mosque Dubai

Visitors to the Grand Mosque Dubai must follow a strict dress code. Women must cover their heads with a scarf or shawl, and their arms and legs should be covered. Both men and women should remove their shoes before entering the mosque. Modest dress is a mark of respect for Islamic culture and traditions.

Which day to visit the Grand Mosque Dubai?

The Grand Mosque Dubai is open to visitors daily, except on Fridays, which are reserved for worshippers. Visitors should arrive early to avoid crowds and be mindful of the mosque’s opening and closing times. Guided tours are available to provide visitors with a more in-depth understanding of the mosque’s cultural significance and importance.

Other Attractions in Dubai

Other Attractions in Dubai

In addition to the Grand Mosque Dubai, if you have a Dubai tourist visa, you can visit several are several other attractions worth exploring in Dubai. The Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, offers breathtaking views of the city from its observation deck. The Dubai Mall is a shopper’s paradise, with over 1,200 stores and a variety of entertainment options. The Palm Jumeirah, a man-made island in the shape of a palm tree, is home to luxurious hotels and resorts and offers stunning views of the Arabian Gulf.

Tips for Visitors

When planning a visit to the Grand Mosque Dubai, it’s essential to already have obtained a Dubai tourist visa, a 14-day Dubai visa, or a 30-day Dubai visa. One should also keep in mind that it is a religious site and a cultural landmark. Visitors should respect the dress code, take off their shoes before entering, and be mindful of their behavior. Loud talking and disruptive behavior are not permitted in the mosque, and visitors should follow the rules and regulations at all times. One should also keep their e-Dubai visa with them at all times, and take care of it.

It’s also important to remember that Dubai is a hot and humid city, especially during the summer months. Visitors should stay hydrated and dress appropriately for the weather. Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses are essential when visiting outdoor attractions.


The Grand Mosque Dubai is an architectural and cultural masterpiece that should be on every visitor’s bucket list when visiting Dubai. With its unique blend of traditional and modern design elements and its significance in Islamic culture, the mosque is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in exploring the history and traditions of Dubai. By obtaining a Dubai tourist visa, following the dress code, and respecting the mosque’s rules and regulations, visitors can experience the beauty and serenity of the Grand Mosque Dubai and gain a deeper appreciation for the city’s rich cultural heritage.