Why you should go for Kudremukh trek


Kudremukh is a small hamlet in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka which is quite popular for its coffee plantations. Kudremukh means “horse face,” as one of the mountainsides resembles a horse. It is a widely known place amongst hikers for a variety of scenery and breathtaking vistas. Streams, waterfalls, bamboo bushes, and thick greenery are the Kudremukh monsoon trek attractions for this place. 

Kudremukh literally means “horse’s face” because of its distinctive structure. The Kudremukh trek in Karnataka is also known as Samseparvath because it is the only way to go to Samse village. It is located in the Chikmagalur district, in the heart of the Western Ghats, and is also the third tallest mountain in Karnataka. It lies behind Mullayyangiri and Baba Budangiri having an elevation of 6,207 feet.

Kudremukh Trek Chikmagalur has a wide range of flora and wildlife, including deer, peacocks, and other animals. The foggy valleys and rolling green hills alongside the meadows, woodlands, and several small waterways are some of the exciting aspects of Kudremukh trekking. The difficulty of this trek is considered to be moderate and intermediate for a beginner. The base camp of the Kudremukh trek is Kudremukh. It takes approximately 8 hours to complete this trek. Monsoon is considered to be the best time to visit this place.

Kudremukh is easily the most popular trek in South India. It always attracts trekkers from all over the country because of its unique landscape. It has the most spectacular rolling grasslands one will ever encounter on any trek. Kudremukh sanctuary has a lush evergreen forest area owing to its location that attracts torrential rainfall. Kudremukh is a natural wonder its own. It’s very hard to find such a spectacular landscape anywhere else in the country.

It is quite a challenging trek given trekkers have to hike up 10 Km on an inclined terrain and also to return the same distance before it gets dark. Trekkers have to cross at least 3 different streams to reach Kudremukh. Get ready to remove the trekking shoes when crossing them. This place is blessed with plenty of waterfalls. One can take a dip under one of them the next day after a strenuous trek. Being part of a protected wildlife sanctuary, it is highly prohibited by the forest department in order to protect its pristine natural environment. So much so that it allows only 50 trekkers per day. More demand and less supply make it even more valuable.

Kudremukh base has dedicated trekkers’ homestays that provide really basic facilities. Unlike other places (Coorg Tadiandamol, Kodachadri) one cannot get what one wants in terms of facilities here. It is possible one may not get permission to trek on the first attempt.

So it’s suggested to keep a buffer day to give it a second try. Whoever cannot get their chance to explore Kudremukha usually does another trek called Kurinjal peak trek arranged by the forest department as an alternative. Kurinjal belongs to Kudremukh National Park too.

Horse’s face structure

From the side, the Kudremukh peak trek has a unique structure similar to a horse’s face. This horse-face structure becomes clear after around three hours of hiking.

Shola forest

Shola itself mentions to the shrublands and grassland on the Western Ghats. This Shola forest is home to lion-tailed macaques, deer, leopards, Malabar giant squirrels, common langurs, and many other animals. One needs to be really careful during rainy season as there are leeches present at every step of this journey.

Rolling hills

One will see a breathtaking view of the rolling hills which facilitates the green slopes and cloudy valleys after leaving the Shola forest. The area is covered in mist during monsoons.

Kudremukh is based in the Western Ghats and this region receives a lot of rain from the months of June to September. Hikers always see sporadic showers, thick clouds, and leeches. The Kudremukh monsoon trek is popular among hikers since it provides a unique experience making it one of the best seasons to travel.

The Forest Permission has changed for the Kudremukh trek now. Only 50 Participants are allowed in this mountain range in a Day to Trek. The decision of acceptance and rejection from DF (Department of Forest) happens at the starting point check post of the trek based on the count.

These were some of the facts about the Kudremukh trekking adventure in India. Kudremukh Peak is a heaven for both trekkers and naturists, with its mountainous paths along with its floral and faunal diversity. This place is a biodiversity hotspot with its rolling meadows, grasslands, and dense forests. This place is famous for its large deposits of iron ore in the world.


Kudremukh trek is one of the best trek to do in India. In this article we have provide all the informations so that you can make a choice to visit this place or not.

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