Why You Should Hire Professional Services for Background Checks?

A company flourishes with the service and value that its employees bring to it. Genuine and hard-working employees help the company soar to the peak of profits. Therefore, it is essential that companies hire those candidates that are not only good at what they do but maintain the integrity of the company.

However, with the various functions going on within the company, it might be difficult to sit and select candidates among the vast amount of resumes and find out which ones are the most valuable ones. And to do this, an effective way is to do pre-employment background screening. This helps in understanding and finding the past of the candidate and if they are an ideal fit for the company. 

Background Screening Services

1. Address and Educational Qualifications Check

This is an important section because based on this the candidate’s resume’s authenticity is checked. Address verification is done to check if the candidate is genuine and actually lives at the address mentioned in their CVs. The educational background gives an insight into where they have studied and if their choice of subjects aligns with their work profile. 

2. Court/Criminal Record Check

This is an important segment of background verification as it can help you keep those individuals away from your company who can compromise the reputation and security of the company and the safety of the existing employees. There might be individuals who have an ongoing lawsuit, who are associated with organised crime, have records of workplace abuse or substance abuse, or have a questionable background with shady businesses.

These individuals often pose a risk of letting down the company’s name and profit. Those candidates who have a history of drug abuse, etc can also be detected through the criminal record check services. It is not advised to hire drug addicts and these professional services effectively help in keeping these profiles away from you.

3. Identity Check and a Global Database Screening

A great advantage of hiring professionals who conduct background services is that they offer this kind of service as well. People who have mentioned false information in their CVs are rejected immediately, keeping your company away from fraudulent profiles. A global database check helps in checking the experience of the candidate, both in national and international firms, and if they have the ideal work experience required for the job. 

4. Credit Score Check

A credit score essentially shows how the person is with money. Those who have a good score are usually diligent with their finances and prove to be assets to the company. People with bad or questionable credit scores can cause money embezzlement and fraud, leading to the company’s downfall. Those companies who are looking to hire candidates to manage the finance sector of their company, need to do these checks very diligently as they might hire someone who can cause theft or money embezzlement. 

5. Employee Drug Testing 

Employee drug testing during the hiring process is a common practice used by many companies. The purpose of drug testing is to ensure that potential employees are not using illegal drugs, which could negatively affect their job performance, safety, or the workplace environment.

Drug testing during the hiring process is especially important for jobs that require employees to operate heavy machinery or work in dangerous environments. However, it is also used in many other industries to ensure that employees are not using drugs that could impair their performance or behavior.

6. Professional Reference

Professional reference checks are a crucial aspect of the hiring process for any organization. The reference check process involves contacting previous employers, colleagues, or other professional contacts to verify a candidate’s employment history, skills, and suitability for the role. The reference check process provides a valuable opportunity to gain insight into a candidate’s work style, communication skills, and overall professional behavior.

When conducting a professional reference check, it is important to ask open-ended questions and actively listen to the answers provided. This can help to uncover important information about the candidate that may not be readily apparent. It is also important to follow up with any additional questions or concerns that may arise during the reference check process.


Hiring a new candidate for a job is a tedious process. There is a lot of time and resources involved and the hiring team is always on the edge to offer the company only those profiles that are best suited. Even so, there are fraudsters who fabricate their CVs and exaggerate them to mislead companies into hiring them. There are a lot of small information and loopholes that you might accidentally overlook when you are hiring a candidate. This is where professional help excels.

Agencies like Zella Information have advanced tools and technologies, apart from nationwide sources, that help accumulate accurate information regarding your next hire. This information is beneficial as it saves time and resources and also gives you profiles that are best suited for your company. Now you can sit back and let them do all the work before you take the final call to hire a new candidate. 

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