Why You Should Still Choose Magento In 2023?

Adobe (Magento) stood out as a leader fourth year in a row because of its execution and clear vision, according to Gartner’s report.

Magento is used to build almost one-quarter of all eCommerce sites across the world. It is, hands down, the most powerful eCommerce platform in the market. Be it any type of business, Magento will do the work.

Are We Still Using Magento in 2023?

Of course! Magento is a platform that uses built-in PHP. Programmers have successfully created eCommerce websites using Magento. Many known brands have built their online stores with the help of Magento. To name a few, Samsung, Nike, Ford, Lenovo, Olympus and Néstle.

Businesses are expected to continue using Magento in 2023. It became the favourite of many brands after Magento 2 development company was acquired by Adobe.

To remove any doubts, let us show you a few latest stats about Magento.

· There was a 4.5% increase quarter-over-quarter in Magento stores in the fourth quarter of 2022.

· Magento was in 2021’s list of 10 leading eCommerce platforms worldwide.

· Magento was chosen by more than 270,000 retailers.

· The major portion of Magento users is present in the US. Having 59,739 websites on Magento 1 and 35,906 websites on Magento 2.

· At present, 1.2% of websites on the internet are powered by Magento.

· Transactions worth $155 billion (USD) are handled by Magento each year.

If you have an online store, you need to have a Magento eCommerce website. And here are the top 12 reasons why.

Why Businesses Should Choose Magento in 2023?

1. It’s entirely customizable

Any merchant can use Magento website development as its open-source. One of the main reasons for Magento being merchant’s favourite.

The Magento CE (Community Edition) is absolutely free. All you need to do is just install this version and get going.

Magento Marketplace is a hub of extensions. You can easily use these extensions to upgrade your online store. Ultimately, giving a push to your progress.

Magento does it all. It helps merchants in optimizing, modifying, adjusting, and controlling their stores. Use Magento Commerce to make the best of it.

2. It’s SEO friendly

You don’t need to explain the significance of traffic on your website to Magento. It already knows that more the traffic, the better the conversion rate and increased sales. Magento specializes in features that can promote high-quality traffic. Magento makes it possible for users to visit the website from distinct sources.

Magento supports a number of SEO features, such as:

· Search-friendly URLs

· Keywords

· Meta tags

· Meta descriptions

· Product titles

· Product descriptions

· Sitemaps, etc.

3. You have the liberty to select hosting services

Magento offers many hosting options which make your eCommerce store speedy and extra secure. This provides merchants with the freedom to choose from different hosting platforms and not stick with just one.

4. It helps develop user-friendly experiences

If you are looking forward to creating an intuitive website, Magento is here to assist. Magento makes building a user-friendly site very easy.

Don’t worry if you hold no technical expertise, you can still manage your inventory and make your store’s navigation better.

You can also enhance the responsiveness of your website with the help of Magento templates. You can use multiple options of available or paid themes. If not, just customize those to match your brand’s requirements.

5. It helps enhance website speed

If it’s about the page loading time, Magento again stands out.

Slow-loading websites just kill the experience for users. Leading to unwanted results and unavoidable losses.

It is Magento’s mission to create the fastest eCommerce stores and the power to establish fast-loading websites.

6. It can effortlessly integrate third-party platforms

This is one of the stand-alone qualities of Magento. It allows businesses to integrate any third-party extensions, plug-ins or add-ons. Furthermore, one can create custom integration using APIs.

A few third-party platforms worth integrating into the Magento website are:

· Inventory management

· Secure payment gateways

· CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems

· Automated accounting system

· Shipping software

7. It assists multi-stores

Thinking of selling globally? It’s always good to run multiple stores in this case.

Magento allows you to create an admin panel. From here, you can manage different products, and categories as well as your customers.

If there is an upgrade, all you need to do is update once to have it working across all Magento web portal setups.

8. It’s mobile friendly

Mobile commerce is on the rise. Half of all eCommerce purchases by 2024 are going to take place via mobile devices, say researchers.

Magento helps you create a seamless as well as user-friendly mobile interface. Mobile interfaces are powered by third-party native apps and PWAs (Progressive Web Apps). Speedy processing is guaranteed by these solutions.

The biggest advantage of PWAs is that a low internet connection doesn’t affect their functionality much. PWAs take less space hence, convenient for customers.

Let’s see some features that help make Magento mobile-friendly:

· Push notifications

· Product comparison

· Multilingual functionalities

9. It guarantees wed safety

Safety, without a question, is one of the most crucial key points for eCommerce businesses. So, when it comes to Magento, you need not worry about the safety of your online store.

What you can achieve by using any version of Adobe Commerce?

· You can prevent any kind of security issues and resolve them with best practices.

· You will stay up-to-date with real-time updates.

· You can plan security audits at regular intervals.

Two-factor authentication and reCAPTCHA are some of the features that are offered by Adobe Commerce.

10. It supports multi-channel management

If you want to expand your online store’s reach, Magento comes in handy. Magento’s multi-channel management offers a unified interface plus higher speed and improved performance.

· Different marketplace integrations- Integrating your Magento with different marketplaces is a hassle-free process. Therefore, you can boost your online presence and increase your sales.

· Merchandise- Magento’s multi-channel solution is equipped with every content management feature of merchandising. Thus, you won’t be facing any merchandising problems.

· Expand globally- Multi-channel integration helps you expand your enterprise worldwide. Meganto integrates smoothly with almost 150 languages and the most popular gateways across the globe.

11. You can call for an in-depth performance analysis

Magento is equipped with report-building tools which provide useful insights. You can check everything including your average order value and conversion on the same dashboard. These performance stats help you make data-based decisions.

Magento has reports available for:

· Sales

· Marketing

· Customer

· Review

12. You receive sturdy support

Stuck anywhere? Magento comes to your rescue with a vast set of support services to make your obstacles go away.

If you are a Magento user, you get unlimited Magento support services. Somehow, users of the Magento Community edition don’t have access to phone support. In this case, they can move to other support sections such as:

· Magento forums

· Magento wiki

· Knowledge base

· Consulting services

Bottom line

Magento is the most promising eCommerce platform for your business.

Are you tech-savvy? No? Then you need to hire Magento 2 developer to get the best out of this platform. As it goes without saying that you ought to be a developer to use it.