Why You should Straighten Your Crooked Bottom Teeth

You must be aware that people consider the top teeth when thinking about straight smile. After all, these are the teeth seen the most at the time of smiling. If you are suffering from cracked bottom teeth and straight top teeth, then you should think of undergoing orthodontic treatment. When you notice uneven wear of lower front teeth or difficulty to keep teeth clean and gums healthy due to crowding issue, orthodontic method seem to be the suitable solution.

If you are planning to undergo orthodontic treatment for correcting the bottom teeth, then here are some questions you want to get answers.

Why are your bottom teeth crooked?

Crooked teeth are a common thing and most people have at least some misaligned teeth. Though the misalignment issue may differ from one person to the other and are usually due to genetically inherited traits, there are other reasons why they may occur. Some of these are the following:

  • Overcrowding in your mouth
  • Childhood habits like thumb sucking
  • Accidents and injury

If the top teeth appear straight and bottom teeth remain crooked, this occurs due to overcrowding or may be the result of wisdom teeth developing unevenly when it is a new problem.

Are your crooked bottom teeth visible?

Based on the alignment of your bite and whether you suffer from overbite issue, you might not notice when the bottom teeth are crooked. Though aesthetic appearance of your smile may be your major concern, it is necessary to know this factor will be considered by the orthodontist. The bottom teeth may push your top teeth out of alignment causing crooked smile further down the track. They may even force your jaw out of alignment which affects the quality and health of your bite or may cause uneven wear of your teeth.

Can teeth become more crooked due to age?

Unlike your remaining body, the teeth and bite will change with age. The teeth will naturally move in due course. There are several factors that influence how much and how quickly age-related dental changes occur though it is unavoidable that some change will happen. This may happen due to decay, injury or present conditions.

What type of treatment can you perform on the bottom teeth?

The types of treatment to straighten your front teeth are the same despite whether you want them on the top, bottom or both. Lingual braces or clear aligners like Invisalign seem to be a good option if your main concern is aesthetics as they are almost invisible. The best way to discover which treatment will be most suitable for your case and estimated budget is to consult with an orthodontist.

Will you need braces when the bottom teeth are crooked?

If your crooked bottom teeth need to be fixed, this will depend on several factors such as – type of malocclusion, how they move naturally with age and whether you suffer from other issues with the bite that need to be addressed. Based on your case, there are several orthodontic treatments that seem to be suitable for solving the problem of crooked bottom teeth. Many people consider that lingual braces are a good option when you want to get bottom teeth straightened. This is because they are almost invisible and with some simple care and lifestyle tweaks. You will be able to continue with your routine life as your teeth get straightened.

Will clear aligners fix the problem of crooked bottom teeth?

Whether clear aligner treatments like Invisalign are suitable for correcting your bottom teeth will depend on the kind of malocclusion that has to be treated. This treatment is suitable for minor cases or less complex tooth movements. It is important that you consult with a specialist orthodontist before commencing any form of orthodontic procedure. An in-person consultation will enable a specialist to assess the records such as – x-rays or digital scans to evaluate your teeth condition and criteria for undergoing this procedure. An orthodontist will ensure you are fully informed about other options and will tell you about the best option for your teeth straightening.

How can a retainer fix the crooked bottom teeth?

If you have already undergone orthodontic method and found the bottom teeth are crooked, then you should consult with an orthodontist for the right solution. Though the teeth move naturally in due course, you should not see a noticeable shift when wearing your braces daily. If you have not worn your retainer for some time, then trying to force your teeth back into their earlier position by wearing old retainer may cause damage to the health of your teeth and gums. The purpose of wearing aligner is to maintain your new smile and not for correcting oral issues.

Can you fix the crooked teeth with veneers?

Though they are not an effective solution to straighten your teeth, they should not come in the way of performing orthodontic procedure. This information is important your orthodontist should know during the initial consultation so they can accurately evaluate the health condition of your teeth. If you are thinking about getting veneers and straightening teeth, then it is advisable that you perform straightening method first to undo any risks of damaging veneers and attain the best possible results. Depending on the reason you want to perform veneers, the dentist may find certain treatment types unsuitable or require additional appointments for complete evaluation. So, it is suggested that discuss all your possible options with the orthodontist as soon as possible.

When you need to straighten your bottom teeth

Though you may not need to straighten bottom teeth due to aesthetic reasons, straightening the bottom teeth can correct these problems if your jaw seems to be not in proper alignment and there is bad bite problem.  When correcting bad bite problem, you will likely require treating upper teeth even if your teeth look straight.

Your teeth seem to move and change their position with age. So, it is worthy enough to correct your lower teeth now and then maintain their position with the help of a retainer to prevent further extensive treatment.

Thus, you need to book a consultation with an orthodontist in Croydon who will assess your smile and tell about probable impact of having bottom teeth crooked.