5 Worst Expensive Players In FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team

In FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team mode, you can buy a lot of different players, but most of them aren’t worth their high prices.

The famous Ultimate Team game mode in EA’s well-known FIFA series is a great one, to say the least. It lets fans build their dream team from scratch. FIFA 23’s player market has built up a fan base like no other. It gives sporty gamers the chance to buy their favorite football stars, from legendary defenders to striking icons.

Even so, the market where these sports idols can be bought is very unstable, with prices going up and down by huge amounts every day. Fans can choose from many expensive players, but this group of stars doesn’t live up to their high price tag.

Van Dijk / Team Of The Year

Van Dijk / Team Of The Year in FIFA 23's Ultimate Team
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Champion Van Dijk is a center back who plays for the famous Scouse team Liverpool. His defensive skills haven’t gone ignored. People say that this Dutchman is the backbone of the historic Premier League team. His place in FIFA 23 is also well-known, as he is aiming for a 96 TOTY card with a huge 94 Physical score.

Even though Van Dijk may be able to outmaneuver, intercept, and win the ball from some of FIFA 23’s best strikers, his heavy price tag doesn’t match his appearance on the field. With choices like Prime Paolo Maldini at 1.1 million and TOTY Éder Milito at 1.3 million, players may want to stay away from this towering threat to get a player for much less money who is still good enough.

N’Golo Kante / FUT Birthday

5 Worst Expensive Players In FIFA 23's Ultimate Team
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The FUT Birthday SBC (Squad Building Challenge) is only going on until May 29. It gives N’Golo Kante from Chelsea. Overall, this French role model has a rating of 92. His stats are feared on the field, and fans in the CDM (Central Defensive Midfield) position often have a strong hold on him. With 95 Interceptions and 97 Standing Tackles, Kante’s showing on away grounds does a lot for gamers’ Ultimate Teams.

Even though this may sound like a good idea, N’Golo Kante’s FUT Birthday SBC is definitely too expensive, mostly because he can’t be traded. But there are better choices that many professional FIFA 23 players use, like Roy Keane or Xabi Alonso’s SBC for 400k, Prime Patrick Viera for 1.4m, or even TOTY Luka Modri for just north of 1m. This FUT Birthday card is definitely too expensive for his position in the field, making him one of the most expensive players the game has seen so far.

Robert Pires / Team Of The Year Icon

5 Worst Expensive Players In FIFA 23's Ultimate Team
PSN Market PriceXbox Market PricePC Market PriceSBC Price

Robert Pires’ TOTY Icon is known for his international influence on different football leagues. It gives fans confidence that he will be a strong figure on the left wing, using his 93 Dribbling and 90 Pace to make chances for his teammates. Arsenal fans would be thrilled to have such a skilled and quick Drift Boss LM (Left Midfielder) at their home stadium, where he would leave a big mark.

Even though he has five-star skill moves, some people say he feels clumsy and hides his real skill behind a huge price. Still, there are a lot of other ways to control the middle and move the ball up both wings. For example, sports legend Kylian Mbappé can be bought for much less than 800k. Robert Pires may have left a mark on history, but his high market value isn’t worth all the fuss.

Juan Sebastián Verón / FUT Birthday Icon

5 Worst Expensive Players In FIFA 23's Ultimate Team
PSN Market PriceXbox Market PricePC Market PriceSBC Price

The famous CM (Center Midfielder) Juan Sebastián Verón was a big threat when he played for Manchester United and Lazio. His FUT Birthday Icon card has some pretty scary stats and a score of 92 overall. When this Argentinian giant uses his 93 Composure, 91 Vision, and 92 Passing skills together, he can send through balls to people behind the back lines of the other team.

Even though he has a five-star weak foot, Verón isn’t worth his price because he performs worse than players who cost much less. With low-cost options like Federico Valverde’s Inform card, which can be bought for only 35k, there are more affordable options than Verón’s price, making him one of the most expensive players in FIFA 23.

Włodzimierz Smolarek / World Cup Hero

5 Worst Expensive Players In FIFA 23's Ultimate Team
PSN Market PriceXbox Market PricePC Market PriceSBC Price

Working with Marvel was not only a smart way to stand out in the series, but also a way to move FIFA 23 into a new kind of game, as shown by their World Cup Hero card collection. EA thought it was only fair to include Wodzimierz Smolarek, who is a hero to football fans in Poland, in a huge group of only the most famous football players the world has ever seen.

With a good total score of 88, Smolarek’s fast 94Pace and skilled 92Dribbling make it clear why players like to use this dead-eyed finisher in their Ultimate Team. Even so, his good dribbling numbers are almost a lie, as his three-star skill moves bring down what seems to be his high potential. Also, Smolarek’s league, Polski Ekstraklasa, makes it hard to get full chemistry, so other choices, like Harry Kewell at 90k, are a much better choice.

FIFA 23 can be played on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox S/X, Nintendo Switch, and PC.