You have to obtain a pass mark of 40%

You have to obtain a pass mark of 40% as well as the minimum component mark specified by the course regulations. If you are studying an undergraduate module the minimum passing requirement is that you must achieve a mark of 40%.

To pass a postgraduate module you have to achieve a mark of 50% in addition to the mark for the individual components. You will not need to make any additional marks. The exam board will define the pass mark for individual modules. Make sure that seru tfl mock test you check with the course supervisor to find out what the pass mark is for each module. This will help you to prepare for your exams.

You have to study hard. The most important thing is to study hard. You need to put in the time and effort to do your best. If you make time to study hard, you will succeed at doing well in your exams. You need to remember that you will be tested on the knowledge that you have acquired during the whole year. If you were asked to solve an examination question after you had read an article on the topic, it would mean that you did not know about the topic as thoroughly as you should have done.

Try to think of the exam questions that you have studied before. Write down the questions that you think of. You should not guess the answers.