10 Common Procedures Everyone Should Know Before Visiting a Dentist

Most people find it an intimidating task when they think of visiting a dentist. Of course, it is not an enjoyable experience – the buzzing sounds here and there, the big, fat x-ray machines, the tools used for dental care, and whatnot. We understand it can be overwhelming sometimes. However, you can make this dental visit feel like a breeze. All you need is to know what you are in for.

There are a great many reasons why people visit their dentists. However, in this blog post, we have decided to jot down the list of some common procedures that you want to know. So, before you decide to visit a dental clinic near me to undergo any of these dental procedures mentioned below, go through the post. It will give you a brief understanding of how dental procedures work and why you should never fear them.

Dental Cleanings

Well, dental cleanings are common. Many times you may have visited your dentist for this. According to dentists, a dental cleaning every six months is of great help. While you can do it once a year, too. It is an integral part of maintaining good oral health. After all, the toothbrush you use will never provide enough support like the tools a dentist has.

So, to maintain good oral health, you will need to consider an annual or semi-annual visit. And above all, you will not be in pain during the process.

Teeth Whitening

Are you looking for a hassle-free process of whitening your teeth? You can whiten your teeth with a simple procedure. While some are sensitive to the agents used for teeth whitening, there is no easier procedure than teeth whitening. If you are going to opt for an at-home teeth whitening kit, be prepared that it will cause you to put in a little extra effort, time and money.


While tooth extractions may sound painful, a good dentist will go above and beyond to make this a pleasant experience for you. He will do everything to make you feel comfortable throughout the procedure. People opt for extractions for a variety of reasons. No matter what reason you have, make sure you visit a dentist who takes care of this.


Did you get crooked or discoloured teeth? Your dentist may have recommended veneers to fix the issue. And if you are not sure about what they are and how they work, worry not! Veneers are nothing but a thin covering put over the front surface of teeth. Dentists often recommend veneers for correctional purposes. However, people get them to fulfil their teeth whitening needs. It involves a simple process, which involves no pain.


It is easy to get cavities for most people who tend to have sugary foods and drinks. While cavities may seem dreadful, a simple filling is all you need if you have cavities in your teeth. Acids in sugary foods wear down the teeth’ enamel, causing cavities to form over time.

Luckily, there is a quick procedure to fix the issue. During the filling procedure, you may feel a little numbness in the mouth, which will not last for more than a few hours after the procedure. A good dentist will complete this procedure in an hour!


If you have got cavities that are too big for a filling, a crown is often the solution. This needs two-visit, and again involves no pain at all. The dentist will source a moulding of your tooth to craft a properly fitted crown that fully covers the decayed area.

Some dentists use a computer and an x-ray machine to take photos of your mouth and create a crown right there. During the second visit, they will fit and secure the crown, which is also a fast and painless process.

Root Canal

Root canals are scary. If you have been dealing with awful tooth pain for a while, your dentist may recommend you this procedure. To help you get rid of the severe pain, your dentist will start by numbing the nerve and removing the tissue altogether. Some antibiotics are often prescribed before the procedure.

And there is good news. The area will be numbed before the procedure and you would not feel pain. Once your dentist is done with the procedure, it will take a few hours to get back to senses. When you do, you will notice there will be no pain or infection.


More and more people are turning to Invisalign instead of traditional braces and for good reasons. The purpose of the treatment is to correct any dental issues like crooked teeth. Invisalign or clear aligners are not visible and act slowly. Despite the fact that they act a little slow, it is an effective method. The process will make you feel little to no pain.


Bonding is yet another way to fix any damaged or chipped teeth. Aresin is tinted by your dentist to match the natural colour of your teeth. The process is less invasive than the other methods and is suitable for smaller imperfections. You should not have any worries before the process is an easy one and take a little time to finish.


When ageing hits, dentures are the only solution that works. They are useful in replacing teeth in a natural way. Dentures are made to be removable.

Final Words

It may seem to be a little uncomfortable, but visiting a good dentist is how you can have a smooth experience. A dentist that will try to make you feel as comfortable as possible during the procedure will never leave you disappointed.

Now that you know one or two things about common dental procedures and why it is a good idea to visit a good dentist’s office, make sure you prepare yourself before undergoing a procedure. At smile clinic London, everything will be taken care of. So, instead of feeling worried, make sure you take time to calm yourself down. Read a magazine that you have got there and try not to think about the pain you are supposed to experience. It will increase tension and fear, which is not good for you.