8 Best Changes In Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

Here are the changes to Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster that people liked the most.

The PC crowd can finally play Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster. It’s strange that this collection came out on PC first in 2022 when the first game in this series came out on consoles in Japan in 1987. A lot of the games on this list also got updates on mobile devices and not just portables like the 3DS.

It’s been a very strange ride, and Final Fantasy fans have been dying for a long time to get their hands on Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster so they can play some of their favorite RPGs again. All of the games in this collection were changed in some way, as is the case with all updated collections. Let’s look at what Square Enix did to bring these old games up to date.

The Music

The Music in Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

Since 1987, this series has had some of the best songs in RPGs. From Final Fantasy 1’s fanfare to Final Fantasy 6’s boss fight music, there are a lot of great songs in this series. The original chiptune music is still great and can be heard in all six of these games. They can also listen to these tunes in a mode called “arranged,” which makes everything sound more like it was played by an orchestra. No matter how you play these games, the music will go well with them.


8 Best Changes In Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

The boosts are the best thing that came with this set of six games. Still, there are no difficulty levels, but that’s fine because the boosts work like helpful helpers instead. The amount of money and experience points players get in fight can be increased. If they want to make the games harder, they can also make it harder to earn money and experience points. Then there are cheats that are different for each game. In Final Fantasy 6, there is a bonus to the amount of AP you get from Esper skills.

The Mini-Map

8 Best Changes In Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

There have always been world maps in these games, but it used to be hard to get around in dungeons. Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster fixes this problem by adding mini-maps. It’s about time, too, since current RPGs are way ahead of their time. If the mini-maps are too confusing, players can also click a button to make them go away.

If you have a plan, it will be easier to find the way. Players always know where their exits are because entrances are marked on the mini-maps.

No Encounters

8 Best Changes In Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

The No Encounter trick is another great way to get ahead in any of these games. In the menu, they can change whether or not they get random fights. They can also turn encounters on or off by clicking on the right stick on both PlayStation and Nintendo controls. Random meetings are one of the worst things about going back to old RPGs. The number of encounters is high in all of these games, so it’s nice to see this problem handled in the collection.

Specific Game Changes

8 Best Changes In Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

There are some changes to the game that would take too long to explain. Final Fantasy 6, which has two heroes, is the best example of this. Sabin is one of the first characters you meet in the game. He is like a Monk class, while Cyan is like a Samurai class. Sabin has special moves called “Blitzes,” which require players to press a number of buttons in a certain order. In Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, these moves are shown and are easier to use. Cyan’s Bushido moves used to be started by filling up a meter. Now, players can use these moves whenever they want, for no cost.


8 Best Changes In Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

Autobattle is a great feature of newer games like Bravely Default 2 and remastered games and sets like Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster. If you turn on autobattle, characters will do the same thing or move that you just told them to do by hand the turn before. Players can use this to their advantage by repeating moves that are hard to pull off, like Sabin’s special moves in Final Fantasy 6.

After the first round, his Blitzes will not be used in the autobattle process. Even though the autobattle system isn’t perfect—it would have been cool to get general AI instructions like “focus on healing”—it’s still a good addition to the collection.

Skipping Cutscenes

8 Best Changes In Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

Since these are all old RPGs, there aren’t many cutscenes in them. The ones that do, like the start of Final Fantasy 6, can be skipped by pressing a button. Players won’t skip by accident because Funny Shooter 2 game will first ask if they want to skip. It would have been nice to have a way to skip through conversation quickly, but maybe this can be added to the games in this collection in a future update. Also, Square Enix might be able to get rid of the lines on screenshots.


8 Best Changes In Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

Saving in an RPG can be a pain if there aren’t many save places. There are still save places in these games, but there are also other ways to make sure you don’t lose your progress. First, these games usually save automatically whenever the player changes screens. Players can also make Quick Saves and use the load button in the menu to get back to where they left off. The number of save slots has also been increased.Fans can play around with twenty spots in the game Final Fantasy 6.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster came out again for platforms on April 19, 2023. It can be played on both the PS4 and the Switch.