6 Games With The Best Storylines In The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls series is one of the best-known and most-loved in the history of video games, but some of the stories are better than others.

Since Arena came out in 1994 and changed the open-world video game scene, The Elder Scrolls series has become one of the most important fantasy games. Even though Tamriel’s repeated need for a “chosen one” type of hero can get a little boring, the rich world-building, dramatic villains, and colorful settings have made this series a fan favorite for decades.

Over the years, there have been many exciting stories in the series, but some stand out far more than others. Some games have much better plots than others because they have almost 30 years of past to work with.

Dawnguard Revolutionized Vampirism In Tamriel

Dawnguard Revolutionized Vampirism In Tamriel The Elder Scrolls

The main story of the parent game, Skyrim, was pretty much blown out of the water by the first DLC for the game.In Dawnguard, the player meets the evil vampire Lord Harkon, who wants to use an old rite to block out the sun. The Dragonborn must either join Harkon and his vampire friends or join the Dawnguard, a group of people who hunt vampires, to stop the chaos.

The player then goes on an adventure that turns out to be one of the most exciting storylines that Bethesda has made for this long-running series. Before Dawnguard, becoming a vampire in Oblivion was mostly a bad job. All of that changed when this famous book made changes to the vampire stories in the series.

Elseweyr Is A Must-Play For Dragon Hunters

6 Games With The Best Storylines In The Elder Scrolls

Fans of Skyrim were happy to hear that The Elder Scrolls: Online had the whole Season of the Dragon to explore. Elseweyr, a thrilling journey that takes the player into the heart of Khajiit country, is the ESO chapter that best shows the season.

Elseweyr is a beautiful place with a lot of valleys and rocky land, so it’s no surprise that it’s full of dangers. The game’s themes and action go well with its story, from the dragon hordes to the local animals to the surprising amount of necromancy. The fight against the evil Empress Euraxia to free Elsweyr makes this fun ESO part a gripping, epic fantasy adventure.

Clockwork City Takes The Franchise In A Mind-Bending Direction

6 Games With The Best Storylines In The Elder Scrolls

With this storyline about a city that lives outside of space and time, The Elder Scrolls: Online raised the stakes. The city is huge, but it’s hidden inside a Celestiodrome that’s only as big as a person. It’s a fascinatingly strange mechanical wonder for players to explore.

Sotha Sil, who built the city, is an interesting character for people to learn more about over time. This Tribunal god was first seen in Morrowind. His strange choices and sad death are a big part of what makes the main plot of this creative DLC so interesting.

Summerset Lifts The Lid On The Mysteries Of The High Elves

6 Games With The Best Storylines In The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls: Online was a shock to longtime fans of the regular game, but it did a good job of making the world of Tamriel bigger. Summerset, which came out in 2018, finally gave players a look into the mysterious world of the high elves.

The growth begins with the first-ever opening of the borders around Summerset. Daedric plots are a sure sign that things are not going well on the Summerset Isle. Some players were disappointed by how low-key the elven land’s architecture and design were, but the story is an interesting, sometimes deep look at a high society in trouble.

Oblivion Takes The Player On A Wild, Dimension-Hopping Ride

6 Games With The Best Storylines In The Elder Scrolls

Emperor Uriel Septim VII, played by Patrick Stewart, starts off this famous story on a sad note when he loses all of his sons and then ends up being killed himself. For the player, this sad tragedy sets up an epic, end-of-the-world adventure through Cyrodiil, which is getting more and more war-torn.

Due to a deal between Septim’s now-dead heirs and the world of Oblivion, a lot of interdimensional portals lead to the area. Oblivion is one of the most important games in the series. It has some of the best characters, like Mankar Camoran and Mehrunes Dagon, and a lot of interesting side quests and strangely funny tropes to find.

Morrowind Remains The Measuring Stick For All Elder Scrolls Games

6 Games With The Best Storylines In The Elder Scrolls

Morrowind is one of the most popular Elder Scrolls games, and it starts right in the middle of the action. At first, the player character is a lost case because he or she doesn’t have the skills and strengths to get around the dangerous island of Vvardenfell.

Morrowind’s beauty comes from the fact that it makes the player work. Nothing is made simple or easy, and the magic system in Flappy Bird game is still one of the most complicated and well-thought-out in gaming history. As the player learns more about the demigod Dagoth Ur and his followers from the Sixth House, they must help their character develop and grow. Dagoth Ur, who is angry that the Empire is taking over everywhere, is one of the most interesting bad guys in the series. This is another reason why this fan favorite book is still held in such high regard.