5 Best Kid-Friendly Open-World Games

Fans of all ages will enjoy these bright, open-world games.

In recent years, open-world games have risen to the top of the gaming industry, enthralling players with the size of their worlds and the depth of the stories that take place everywhere. There are a lot of fans of open-world games for adults like The Witcher 3 and Death Stranding, but there are also a lot of kid-friendly games to play when bored that deserve some attention.

Even though the basics of these games are simpler and the stories aren’t as intense, both kids and adults can still have a lot of fun and adventures with them.

Grow: Song Of Evertree

5 Best Kid-Friendly Open-World Games

This indie game has a bright, lively world, great graphics that look like cartoons, and lots of family-friendly fun for everyone. Grow: Song of Evertree might have slipped under many people’s radars because it was made by an indie developer, but it’s worth paying attention to if you’re looking for some light-hearted fun or want to give a young child in your life a game that will keep their brains busy while entertaining them.

Grow: Song of Evertree is an open sandbox game where players can connect with each other at their own pace and build their own unique worlds. They can also meet NPCs with whom they can form close friendships and decorate their world and home however they want. Since the developer is still making changes to the game, this is one to keep an eye on to see what new features, items, and characters are added.

Untitled Goose Game

5 Best Kid-Friendly Open-World Games

This game blew up the gaming world when it came out in September 2020, so there’s not much more to say about it. Even though the story and graphics of Untitled Goose Game are very simple, it became a favorite among players because of its mischievous charm and all the laughs it gave.

In this game, players take control of the goose that gives the game its name. The goose causes trouble in a nice, quiet town by scaring the people there in different ways. Part of the fun of the game is finding new and fun ways to ruin people’s day. However, all of the ways to do this are harmless pranks that only slightly bother or annoy the villagers. This makes the game safe for people of all ages to play.

Chicory: A Colorful Tale

5 Best Kid-Friendly Open-World Games

Chicory is a game that is as colorful as its name suggests. It is another secret gem from the indie scene. The game takes place in a “coloring book” world where the player can draw on almost anything to add splashes of color. The adventure game is about the artist’s biggest fan trying to find Chicory, who has suddenly disappeared. They pick up the brush and take on the powers of paint and colors to explore and solve puzzles as they go on a journey.

This game is safe for people of all ages to play, but the story has some deep moments that older players might really enjoy and that could teach moral lessons to younglings. It pushes kids to be creative, which is important for them to do from a young age on. This game is a must-try for everyone because it has cute pictures, a story with a lot of depth, and the ability to color the world.


5 Best Kid-Friendly Open-World Games

In Astroneer, players can go to worlds that are full of exciting things to do. In this sandbox game with an open world, players take control of an astronaut who has to go to other worlds. There are seven different planets that players can go to. Each planet has its own plants, animals, and general look to keep the game interesting and different. When players get to a planet, they can build buildings by gathering materials, make vehicles for exploring, and even dive below the surface to see what’s there.

This game is safe for everyone to play because it doesn’t have any violence, gore, or scary horror features. Instead, it has colorful worlds and a built-in multiplayer mode in which players build their bases together. With so many ways to be creative, players can even make their own fun games to play with other players inside their bases, like a vehicle soccer game like Rocket League.

A Short Hike

5 Best Kid-Friendly Open-World Games

This charming indie open-world adventure game came out near the end of the modern 8-bit Renaissance. It takes place in the made-up world of Hawk Peak Provincial Park and has cute, blocky images. As the name of the game suggests, players can connect with and explore the island in a number of ways, like climbing, flying, or hiking. There are marked tracks that can lead players through the world map, but there’s nothing stopping them from going off the beaten path to see what the world’s backcountry has to offer.

There are other travelers on the island that the player can meet and talk to. These people can help the player on their way to the top of the mountain, and vice versa. Hawk Peak is home to people and a lot of treasure that players can find and take with their eagle eyes to help them reach new heights. However, Eggy Car game has more to offer than just the trip to the top, as players can also fish or swim for a more relaxing and immersive experience.