Challenges and opportunities confronting cleaning businesses

Most deep cleaning commercial services can attest to the fact that the pandemic has had a dramatic effect on the overall cleaning industry. Though the pandemic has created ample opportunity for businesses to understand the benefits of using a cleaning company, it’s these specific services that continue to face myriad challenges and opportunities.

So what are these challenges and opportunities? Well, luckily for you, we’re going to examine these challenges and opportunities in-depth on today’s blog!

What challenges do cleaning businesses face?

Work shortages

Over the years, the cleaning industry has faced a challenge with a consistent workforce. With the cost of living and inflation, it can be hard for some small cleaning businesses to keep pace with the high demand. In addition, there are some larger cleaning companies that are struggling to keep up with the influx of cleaning requests due to staff shortages. Again, this links back to inflation and the inability to maintain wages that are in-line with the consumer price index.

Supply chain disruptions

With the ongoing supply chain issues as a result of the pandemic, the cleaning industry has had to adapt to the demand for cleaning equipment and supplies. But with the increase in the demand, it means that more cleaning companies are struggling to purchase the stock they need and get it to their business on time.

Increased competition

With the high demand for more cleaning companies with the flow-on effect from the pandemic and flu season, there’s been a dramatic increase in cleaning companies. This means that there’s more competition, which for small businesses, could spell disaster for a lot of smaller businesses.

Wellbeing and safety concerns

Cleaners are at a high risk of catching various viruses and illnesses because of their close proximity with germs, dust and other types of debris. It’s the responsibility of the cleaning company to ensure the safety of their staff, which can include providing the appropriate protective equipment, safety training and implementing certain measures to protect staff.

What opportunities do cleaning businesses have?

High demand for their services

As the pandemic continues, in conjunction with flu season, cleaning businesses are in more demand than ever before. Certain spaces, such as schools, office buildings and medical facilities, are often requesting work for cleaning services to ensure they’re spaces are to the highest hygiene standard.


Though the pandemic has caused a lot of chaos worldwide, it has proven an excellent opportunity for the cleaning industry to innovate and develop advanced technologies to enhance cleaning processes. These advancements improve the cleaning quality and also the rate at which cleaners can perform their job.

Collaboration and partnerships

Cleaning businesses can take advantage of collaborating with various organisations and partnerships. By working together, cleaning businesses can share their knowledge and skills with others to ensure that their clients can maintain the cleanliness at home.


As more and more people become more eco-conscious, cleaning businesses need to address this through their own practices and equipment. By embracing sustainability in their cleaning, cleaning services can do their job while also not negatively affecting the environment.