Crazy bulk, what is it?

In recent years, we have seen the emergence on forums and social networks of a new brand: Crazybulk, offering alternative solutions to steroids: a natural and legal version.

On paper, Crazy Bulk seems like the ideal solution:

  • Quick results on mass gain / dryness / strength gain
  • No health risks or side effects
  • No constraints related to taking steroids: injection, protocol to follow, follow-up, etc.

What is it really ? Can we expect results with this type of product? Can you believe the reviews on the internet? We conducted our survey for almost a year to understand this market.

Crazy bulk, what is it?

An international brand headquartered in Glasgow, they offer dietary supplements for bodybuilders. They differentiate themselves through strong marketing, including comparing the effects of their products to those of well-known anabolic steroids. steroids online They go so far as to give them a name very close to the steroid version (example: Trenerol for Trenbolone, Clenbutrol for Clenbuterol, etc.).

In 2021, they also launched a new range of supplements, this time an alternative to SARMs (SARMs themselves are already presented as a less dangerous alternative to steroids… But still illegal in France). Same principle, names close to the SARM version: Ligan 4033 for Ligandrol LGD-4033, Testol 140 for Testolone RAD 140, etc.

When we look at the composition of the products, we actually find natural ingredients, recognized for their effects on mass gain, fat loss or energy gain. Most of them have been the subject of conclusive studies such as Tribulus, Ashwagandha, BCAAs, Garcinia Cambogia, Guarana, etc.

The Crazy Bulk brand is very popular in the United States, several celebrities from the world of bodybuilding or sports in general are its ambassadors. Across the Atlantic, the consumption of this type of product is much more democratized than in France. For example, it is very common for American men to take testosterone boosters from the age of 40.

A site and products that are debating

We have been able to see from reading certain forums that there is a real question around the effectiveness of the products sold by Crazybulk.

Indeed, the angle used by the brand in positioning itself as a real alternative to steroids is misleading. Why would bodybuilders continue to suffer from the arm’s length list of side effects and risks associated with taking anabolics if there was a safe product on the market that could achieve the same results? It is obvious that no 100% natural product will bring the same effects as an intramuscular injection of steroid hormones.

However, is it totally ineffective (and therefore a scam)? Can’t we get satisfactory results with well-chosen natural ingredients? These are the questions we wanted to answer by directly interviewing consumers of Crazybulk products.

What do (real) Crazy bulk customers say?

If you experiment with searching for “crazybulk French reviews” on a search engine, you will come across several sites whose legitimacy can easily be questioned. It is sometimes certainly paid publications between the site and the brand… A widespread practice unfortunately in Internet marketing.

We have therefore decided to conduct our own “investigation”, by directly contacting the people who have left a testimonial (whether positive or negative) on the verified review sites and who have left their e-mail. Each time we asked them to provide us with proof of purchase on the site (order confirmation email, invoice, etc.).

We also contacted the Crazybulk company hoping to be able to contact the buyers for satisfaction surveys, but they refused on the grounds of confidentiality.

Julien, from Compiègne:

“I am on my 2nd order on Crazybulk. The first time I tested D-Bal over 3 months, and I had good feelings with it. Better than other supplements I’ve tried in the past. I have since taken their mass gain pack, taking advantage of an offer. I know that some have doubts even I had some, but in the end this thing works. The only thing I can blame Crazybulk for is the delivery times: at least a week each time before receiving the package. »

Sebastian, from Paris:

“I am a sports coach and at the same time I run the blog. I discovered Crazybulk while doing research for an article on the site. I was surprised by the effects felt, the ingredients are classic but effective, there is certainly a synergistic effect. The 1st product I tested was their TESTO-MAX testosterone booster. Very good. Since then I’ve tried just about everything: Trenbolone, Clenbutrol, D-bal, HGH X2… I’ve mostly seen results on bulking products, less on cutting. I recommend them to my clients when they ask me questions, and so far I haven’t had any negative feedback. »

Sofia, from Frejus:

“I tested their clenbutrol product that I was advised on a forum to lose weight, but I did not see any results. For me it doesn’t work. I did a month-long cure and asked for a refund. » anabolic steroids price.

Michael, from Marseilles:

“I took the Anvarol on crazybulks. I do Powerlifting. It’s a good product I recommend. But don’t expect immediate gains”

Steve, from Paris:

“I bought their Gynectrol product to reduce excess fat in the chest, but no results, I’m disappointed. However, I was contacted by customer service after leaving a message on another site and they refunded me. »


“I’ve been bodybuilding for 2 years and I haven’t had any results. I’m pretty thin and I’m having trouble gaining weight. I ordered 3 bottles of D-Bal after trying quite a few supplements: whey, gainer, bcaa. I can say that I had good effects, I saw a difference in my bodybuilding sessions, I was able to progress faster. I recommend “

Our opinion on Crazybulk: scam or not?

We can blame Crazybulk for the advertising that is made around their products suggesting that we can expect similar effects to steroids.

Nevertheless, we cannot speak of a scam because the products seem to work positively with many customers. For example, we were surprised to see the number of people who placed several orders at Crazybulk. A priori if these people order again, it is that they have been satisfied.

Our opinion is therefore mixed. Given the proven risks of steroids, we can only encourage a person wishing to take them to turn to products that are less harmful to health. At the same time, one cannot expect similar physical results.


Can we have side effects with Crazy bulk products?

Based on 100% natural ingredients, there are few or no side effects.

Can you buy Crazybulk on Amazon?

No. Always prefer to go through the official site, avoid reseller sites even if (especially if?) They sell for less.

Are Crazybulk products sold in pharmacies?


How quickly do you see results?

According to those interviewed, the first results come after about a month. You have to give the body time to assimilate the ingredients before you see the benefits. But it will also depend on you:

    The factors over which you have power to act: the intensity of your training sessions, your diet, sleep, etc.

    Factors over which you have no control: your genetics, metabolism, reaction to products

Do you lose muscle mass when you stop taking Crazybulk?

If you continue to be consistent with your training sessions and a proper diet, you will be able to continue the progress thereafter without any loss, unlike steroids.

Can women take Crazybulk?

Yes, but some products are more suitable than others. For example, avoid testosterone boosters for women.

Where can I find before and after photos?

On the site you have some before/after photos (see here).

Is the package received discreet?

Yes, there is no mention of Crazybulk, or even a hint of bodybuilding.

Does Crazybulk sell classic dietary supplements?

They recently launched a new range under the name CrazyNutrition which brings together the basics of dietary supplements for bodybuilding: a whey (100% tri-protein), a pre-workout (intensive pre-train), a creatine (ultimate CRN- 5) and a gainer (MASS GAINER). For the moment these products are not marketed in France.