Hoardings and Billboards – What’s the Difference?

In its most basic sense in its simplest form, out-of-home (OOH) media refers to advertising which targets consumers when they are not in their home.

Out-of-home media are advertisements which focus on advertising to consumers when they are “on moving” at public locations or during transportation (while you commute) or in waiting (such as waiting to be in a line) or in particular commercial spaces (such as a retail space).

Because of their accessibility, flexibility and low cost Billboards and Construction Site Hoarding rank one of the most sought-after OOH media for advertising.

You may be wondering what the distinction is between billboards and hoarding advertising. Billboard and hoarding advertising are in essence one-in-the same.

Both rely on large signs, strategically placed to attract customers to your business or service in a matter of minutes. There are however certain distinctions between hoardings and billboards which can vary between countries.

What Exactly Is Billboard Advertising?

Billboards are by far the most well-known type of OOH around the world. They are usually placed on the sides of roads to draw the attention of motorists, pedestrians and commuters who go by. Hoardings and billboards can be found on the side of buildings, in shopping centres, and even at bus stops.

In terms of size, site hoarding panels, on the roadsides, as well as those that are place along the sides of buildings are typically huge which allows them to dominate their area and grab the attention of consumers. Similar to billboards, hoardings are massive outdoor advertising structures that are designed to draw interest of the targeted audience.

In contrast to billboards, which are usually place along busy roads, or on the top of large structures Hoardings are usually set up on scaffolding at construction sites, around sports venues, or in other areas that are prone to traffic.

It also depends upon the reference country as well as in certain instances; the two terms are sometimes use interchangeably. For instance, Hoardings can be describe as being the biggest format in existence, that runs parallel to the road , and as long as 400 Metres in length!

Advantages of Billboard and Hoardings Advertising

Billboards and site hoarding offer an extensive, powerful and innovative outdoor advertising opportunity to easily promote your company’s message to prospective customers passing by the strategically placed advertisements.

Due to their dimension and impressive positioning, hoardings draw prospective customers, while also displaying your brand’s message in a way that draws attention to consumers. Hoardings and billboards naturally draw the attention of anyone passing by.

They’re both design to draw clients with striking and compelling slogans, taglines, and striking visuals. The cost of hoardings will depend on the size of your advertisement and its location. Front or back-lit hoardings can promote your message throughout the day and night.

5mm Foamex Board
Image sources: Foamex Printing Company UK

Benefits of Hoarding Advertising are


Any person who leaves their residence and walks by your hoarding or billboard will see your advertisement or advertisement. Your marketing campaign will reach potential buyers who are walking, driving or even commuting according to the location you want to target.

Target Audiences

Depending on the type of audience you want to reach depending on your target audience, you can strategically put your hoarding or billboard in an area that targets your most important audience. For instance, if you want to draw in prospective customers aged 18-25, you may be able to benefit by the placement of your billboard or hoarding near a college.

Cost Efficient

The price of hoardings and billboards is dependent on the location and size and makes this a viable OOH advertising option that is accessible to all budgets.


Alongside being creative with your message you can also select either front or back-lit hoardings that broadcast your message throughout the day and at night. Hoardings and billboards are both an efficient media tool that can easily reach masses of people.

Brand Awareness Is Increased

Hoardings and billboards create solid brand recognition and give substantial exposure to a wide public.

A Guide to Foamex Boards

The following guide for Foamex board can help you determine the right substrate for your signage. Deciding on the kind of signage you should use for your company can be an overwhelming choice.

We’ll give you some useful information that will help you understand what we’re talking about when using the term Foamex as well as certain benefits and drawbacks of the product.

What Exactly Is Foamex?

Also refer to PVC foam board (although there’s no foam!) It’s a rigid plastic sheet that you can purchase in 3mm 5, 10mm, or even 19mm in thickness. Foamex is mostly use to make signs or display panels, as well as exhibitions.


The most popular signage is the 3mm or 5mm thick boards since they are easily down to size while the 10mm and 19mm thick boards can be more expensive because it’s laser. Foamex is able to use custom designs and also utilise 3D block lettering for signage. The letters are spray-paint to match the colour.


  • Available in all sizes from 10x5ft.
  • All weather plastic that is tough and durable The lifespan of a sign usually is approximately 3 to 5 years.
  • Low cost and more affordable then Dibond or Plywood
  • Ultraviolet non-fading Inks are used for printing and create premium quality
  • In any shade
  • Easy to install and lightweight

Easy to fix to existing poles and walls The Foamex is a great choice for fixing existing poles and walls. Foamex can even be secure inside using Velcro.

It is ideal for use both outdoors and indoors for display displays as well as stand-ins for point of sale displays.


It doesn’t last as long as Dibond in outdoor conditions.

In time, the smaller boards will begin to warp slightly and cause issues in the event that you’re using another Foamex board in conjunction with the primary board to provide an even larger graphic area.

Foamex printing
Image sources: Foamex Printing Company UK

What Is A Shell Scheme?

The basics are the first step: the shell scheme is a kind of booth or stand that is use at events or exhibitions. Companies create their temporary stores to draw customers and leads. The box-shape shell design is open on one side, and close from the remaining three sides. It is also open on two sides as in an L-shape.

The promotional and informational content is display on the inside of the panels that are close. The exact size and dimension of the scheme of shells depend on the details that are available at the exhibition; we will discuss the general aspects of design of the foamex sheets scheme and the graphics.

How Do You Design the Perfect Shell Scheme Panels?

If you’re planning to stand out at an exhibition to create awareness, sell or market your business it is essential to have the best shell scheme graphics and design. To ensure you have the most appealing appearance, we’ve collected some of the top techniques. These are the best practices:

Begin by researching the venue before you start designing, make some background research on the location, previous kiosks and stalls, as well as the outcomes of the show. The goal is to determine the patterns and designs followed by previous visitors to the location.

Simple, Yet Effective Design

Your graphics for the shell scheme panels should be clear enough for anyone to understand and powerful enough to draw attention. Also, you should use fewer words and use more images. The use of bolder colours and smaller fonts could be an effective game changer.

Know the Role of Colours

Use colours in your favour. Each colour conveys the message. For instance, green is a symbol of security, balance, tranquillity or nature. Blue symbolises stability, confidence and faith.

Based on the service, product, or your company’s values, select the appropriate colours. Colours attract people and so choose the appropriate ones to impress and draw attention.