Everything you should know about Online Birthday Invitation Cards for Your Born Day

Birthdays are one of the most important occasions to celebrate. There are many things to organize, and in this hustle, you want to avoid printing and delivering physical invitation cards to every guest, so choose a digital birthday invitation card. Digital invitations are referred to as e-invitations. These are invitations distributed electronically, for as through email or messaging services. E-invitations are increasingly replacing conventional RSVP and Save the Date cards as the most popular invitation form. These will soon become the standard everywhere. 

E-invitations are becoming popular due to their many benefits and features. This article will provide you with all the knowledge necessary to create the ideal e-invitation for your birthday and explain why hiring a birthday video maker is essential.

Everything you should know about Online Birthday Invitation Cards for Your Born Day

Types of Digital birthday invitation cards

Online invitation cards come in multiple types. You can use any one of them for your digital invitations:

Digital Invitation Cards

The most popular electronic invitation is a digital card with an image. They may be created quickly and are the simplest to manufacture. Digital cards offer a lot of flexibility. These are commonly utilized for occasions like birthdays, engagements, etc. Digital cards are made to resemble single-page cards in real life. They are not exceptionally large.

Videos Invitations

Video invitations are excellent for small, personal occasions like a small wedding, baby shower, or birthday anniversary. They are also utilized for business occasions like the inauguration of a plant or a new product launch. Universities and other educational organizations often use videos to invite current and future students to functions. 

Animated Invitations

Animations eventually create invitations entertaining. They can feature adorable cartoon-style designs or more sober, realistic ones. Well-designed animations may be used for business invites instead of employing performers for a traditional video. You may use cartoon-style birthday invitation card videos, from family gatherings to inviting people to parties.

Features of digital Birthday Invitation card

Hiring a digital birthday video maker for invitations comes with many features. We have mentioned some of the best parts of digital birthday invitation cards.

Lots of Templates

You don’t need to bother about creating your invitation with a digital birthday invitation card. For any possible event, many websites like Videogiri provide a selection of birthday invitation card templates. 

Highly customizable

Regardless of their nature, templates for the majority of websites are very customizable. Everything from fonts to phrase and image arrangement can be changed and relocated on digital cards and flyers. Hence, if you must choose a standard design, don’t worry. You may still wholly customize it to no longer serve as a template.


Your birthday video maker for the invitation can include an integrated map or an URL to the venue’s map. You can have the map link in your mail if the invitation includes a video. This is an excellent strategy for guaranteeing that none of your visitors make a mistake turning on the way to your celebration.

Save the Date

Some platforms like Videogiri allow you to create a digital Save the Date card or email that will be delivered a few nights before the invitation itself. This allows visitors to mark the event on their calendars, avoiding mistakes.

Advantages of Digital Birthday Invitation Card

Digital birthday invitation card Videos provide the following benefits over traditional invitations. Of them, we have listed below:

Easy and fast to deliver

Digital invitations deliver immediately. As soon as you click “Send,” you may start expecting responses. There is no longer a need to personally pay the invitation at a favorable moment or wait two weeks for the post.

Environmentally friendly

Digital birthday invitation card videos are environment-friendly. The quantity of paper being used is detrimental to the environment unless you pay extra for invites made entirely of recycled paper.

Reliable delivery

Digital birthday invitation cards can be delivered by email or, more frequently, by messaging applications. They will undoubtedly reach your guests in any case. Also, you can always see whether your invites have returned undeliverable. As a result, you’ll never have a visitor who just didn’t get the invitation.


Using a digital birthday invitation card to invite people uniquely, you can make your birthday celebration more memorable. Also, if you’re looking for a digital birthday video maker, hiring one is recommended because Videogiri has a large variety of templates for your birthday invitation card. Browse their selection of birthday invitation cards.

So, animate your thought with Videogiri, and don’t increase your tension by using a paper birthday invitation card. This time hire a birthday video maker for your customizable birthday.