Explore Steps to Applying Marine Crew Visa in Singapore

If you have a marine crew to move to Singapore for a business trip or else, you need to ensure that your crew has valid visa proof for each crew member to enter the country via sea medium. There are some significant steps involved for a marine crew visa to apply in Singapore. Hence, you need to gather all the required details for applying for a marine crew visa in Singapore through the legal process. Also, you need to complete all paperwork and arrange the necessary documents for applying for a crew visa through legal steps. For betterment, you can consult with a marine visa consultant in Singapore. The consultant will guide you through a step-by-step process to applying for a crew visa and all documentation procedures to follow to get the intended purpose. 

Why Need Marine Crew Visa in Singapore?

A marine crew visa in Singapore is also known as a Seaman’s Disembarking Card (SDC). This card is required for marine crew members to stay in Singapore for a short period.

You can consider below reasons to apply for a crew visa in Singapore:

Immigration Control:

You need to apply for a crew visa in Singapore for immigration control that helps you allow limited crew members to get access and stay in the country.

Legal Compliance 

There are some legal rules for compliance of crew members disembarking from vessels. The crew members need to comply with all legal rules and get the awareness of them for applying for crew visas in Singapore.

Safety and Security

It is also required to verify the safety and security of crew members by checking their backgrounds and previous history. Thus, it will help the nation to restrict the entry of unauthorized individuals or crew members to enter in the country. 

Employment Regulations

Every crew member should have a genuine marine crew visa for applying employment in Singapore. Make sure, the crew members are aware of all employment and labour laws in Singapore. Thus, it will help crew members to be employed and know their rights in Singapore. 

Transit and Repatriation

Having a legal marine crew visa will help crew members to get easy transit from one shore to another by following legal transit procedures. 

Thus, you may take into account all the above requirements to apply for a marine crew visa in Singapore through legal steps. 

How to Apply for Marine Crew Visa in Singapore

To apply for a valid marine crew visa in Singapore, you need to fulfil the requirements as follows:

1. Find a Genuine Employer

To get a crew visa genuinely in Singapore, you need to search for an employer or maritime company, or shipping agency, which can issue a valid visa for a crew member to visit Singapore for employment or official reasons. Make sure, the employer is authorized and has years of establishment in Singapore. Do not skip checking all valid proofs of the employer and the previous history of the company.

2. Arrange Required Documents

Once you find a source or genuine employer who can issue a crew visa, you should start arranging the required documents to get a visa in Singapore. The type of documents required for a visa may depend upon nationality and the type of company you are working with. Here are some relevant documents needed to apply for a crew visa in Singapore:

  • Valid Passport
  • Completed visa application form
  • Copy of employment or Job offer contract
  • Passport size photograph
  • Qualification proofs or certificates
  • Seaman’s discharge book or equivalent document
  • Introductory letter from sponsoring company
  • Medical examination report
  • Police verification report
  • Experience proofs and many more. 

Thus, above are some relevant documents that are required to apply for a marine crew visa in Singapore to get employed. 

3. Submit the Crew Visa Application Form

In the next step, you are supposed to fill out the crew visa application form filled duly by the applicant carefully. Make sure, you submit all the details in the form clearly to ensure the applicant is genuine. Also, you need to attach all required documents or legal proofs as per asking in the form. In case, you are staying in Singapore, you can directly submit your application to the ICA authority in Singapore for verification. 

4. Pay Application Fees

You should also pay crew visa application fees as per required. The fees for visa application in Singapore may depend upon the nationality and the type of visa you are applying for. So, you need to have enough found in your pocket or account to pay fees online or offline with the application form. 

5. Wait for a Reply

After submitting the visa crew application form along with free to the ICA authority, you should wait for a reply from the authority. It will take a few days or weeks for getting a response from it. Meanwhile, the authority will take review of your application and documents to find their relevancy. 

6. Visa Approval and Collection

Once your crew visa application will get approved by the crew authority or employer in Singapore, you will be provided with a genuine visa that will be forwarded to your registered address or Singapore embassy in your country. Once you get received the crew visa at your end, you will be liable to enter Singapore and take charge of your position in the company.

Thus, the above are some significant steps involved in the process of applying for a marine crew visa in Singapore in a legal way. 

To fetch complete details of the requirements and process of applying for a crew visa in Singapore, you may have a look at the official websites of ICA (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority). On the website, you will get complete information about legal steps and requirements for the crew visa process to follow for an outsider applicant. 

If you are unable to handle all the above processes of applying for a marine crew visa in Singapore, you can apply for the services of a third-party or private crew visa service agency in Singapore. There are many marine service-providing companies in Singapore, which can help you apply for a marine crew visa through legal steps. Also, they can manage the visa process to handle on your behalf and arrange all required documents to follow the process as per requirement. You just need to pay the service charges to the agency for applying for a crew visa in Singapore to the agency. Thus, it will make it convenient for applicants to get a legal crew visa in Singapore with the help of trusted marine crew service-providing agencies.

It is recommended to check with all authentication proofs of the crew service agency before applying its services in Singapore:

Below are some relevant points to consider finding a genuine crew visa service agency in Singapore

License or Authentication

It is advised to take the services of a licensed or authorized marine crew visa service agency in Singapore. For relevancy, you may also check details of an agency such as online reviews, feedback from applicants, service records, and so on. You should verify all such points to ensure the reliability of the agency.

Follow the Process of Crew Visa Application

Make sure, the crew visa agency follows all standard steps and procedures for applying for a marine crew visa in Singapore. The relevant steps for a crew visa Singapore may involve steps like filling application form, submitting documents and their verification, paying fees, medical examination certificate submission, following the crew application form approval, collecting of crew visa, and more. 

Handle Documentation Works

The crew service agency should handle all the documentation processes involved in the crew visa application procedure and ensure each document is verified by the ICR as per requirement. 

Visa Collection and Delivery

Once all the verification steps will get done, the agency should collect the valid marine crew visa for the applicant and resend it to its address as soon as possible. 

Service Charges

Do not forget to compare service charges for handling the client’s crew visa service on behalf of the agency. Make sure, the agency charges reasonably for the crew visa services. 

Thus, the above are some necessary things to identify for finding a reliable crew visa service agency in Singapore. 

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