How Can I Fix The Epson L360 Printer That Is Not Printing?

If your Epson L360 printer is showing some kind of error while printing, then this article will help you fix this issue with the help of different solutions.

Even after the digitization of almost everything and the increasing trend of scanning documents, printers’ need has not reduced even a bit. We still need printers for multiple purposes, such as printing school assignments, official documents, etc. 

Talking about printing machines, we all know that Epson ranks in one of the top positions in the printer manufacturing industry. However, recently many users reported that the Epson L360 printer is not printing. If the same is happening to you, then do not worry as you are reading the right article. 

Through this piece of writing, we share the sure-shot solutions to resolve this problem. But, before we begin Epson printer troubleshooting, let’s first answer one of the frequently asked questions that we receive to understand what caused this issue.  

Common Reasons Behind The Epson L360 Printer Not Working Issue

There can be many reasons why your Epson printer is not responding correctly and printing the color that you want. Below are some of the most common factors that might cause this problem.

  • The printer head is clogged
  • There is ink in the cartridges
  • Cartridges are damaged
  • The printer driver is outdated
  • You have not calibrated the printer

Above were some of the top causes for which the Epson printer is not printing properly. Now, as we know what caused the problem, fixing it will be a cakewalk. Hence, let’s start to solve this problem immediately.

Different Solutions To Fix The Epson L360 Printing Problem

To fix the printer not printing properly issue, you can either use an Epson L360 resetter tool need or implement the below-shared solutions. Begin with the first fix, and stop at the one that solves the problem for you. One of these fixes is sure to help you get rid of the issue.

Solution1: Check The Cartridges

Sometimes, improper ink levels may be the reason for why the Epson printer is not showing issues while printing pages. Therefore check the ink levels and change the cartridges if they are low or empty. Follow the steps shared below to do it. 

Step1: Go to the Control Panel of your printer to check the estimated ink levels.

Step2: If any of the cartridges have low ink levels, then turn on the printer and load a plain white paper.

Step3: Open the cartridge access door and wait for the cartridge to become idle and silent.

Step4: Gently lift the lid present on the cartridge and push it back.

Step5: Now, pull the cartridge for removing it from its slot.

Step6: Remove a new ink cartridge and the plastic tape. 

Step7: Gently, slide the cartridge into the slot y holding it from its sides.

Step8: Once you are done changing the cartridge, close the access door.

Step9: Wait till the printer prints and fully ejects the alignment page.

Step10: After the page gets ejected, open the scanner lid and place the page on the scanner glass with its non-printed side up.

Step11: Now, close the lid and press or touch OK.

Step12: Lastly, let the printer complete the alignment process.

Solution2: Update Printer Drivers Using Device Manager

Drivers are among the toughest to manage components, hence Windows has the Device Manager to manage each and every device driver present on your computer. You can make use of it to get the latest version of the Epson L360 printer driver installed on your computer in order to fix the printing issue. Follow the instructions below to update your printer driver using this Windows utility.

Step1: Click on the Windows icon present in the bottom-left corner of your screen.

Step2: Search the Device Manager tool in the search bar and it will open a new window, showing all the available drivers.

Step3: Click on the arrow icon present in front of the Print queues to expand it. Then, right-click on the Epson L360 printer driver and select the Update driver option from the context list.

Step4: On the new window that just popped up on your screen, go with the “Search automatically for drivers” option.

Step5: Give your computer some time to search for updated drivers online. Then, follow the instructions shown on the setup wizard to complete the installation process properly.

After completing the whole process, restart your computer, and performing this will fix your Epson L360 not printing issue.

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With the help of this informative article, we tried to help you solve one of the most irritating problems i.e. the Epson printer is not working properly. If in case, the same issue is still troubling you, then try contacting the manufacturer for further assistance. Also, do share your views on this typewritten not cum guide and let us know whether it was of some help or not.