How to Choose the Right Combination Die for Your Metal Stamping Needs

With rising demands for high-speed, high-precision metal parts, the need for metal stamping companies has drastically increased. Metal stamping companies use different dies ranging from single dies for simple components to combination dies for creating metal stamping parts. 

Combination dies combine multiple stamping operations into a single die to perform several cutting and forming operations on the part simultaneously. It is highly efficient in creating parts with complex geometries, and intricate details and shapes that cannot be produced with a single stamping operation.

Combination dies are widely used in the manufacturing industry to produce parts for various applications, including automotive, electronics, appliances, and medical devices.

Are Compound and combination dies the same?

Compound and combination dies are popular dies for creating simple to complex metal parts with high precision and accuracy, but they differ in capabilities and applications 

A compound die uses two or more cutting and/or forming operations in a single die to make cuts and bends necessary for the part in a single stroke. This reduces the number of operations needed and the time required to make the part. 

On the other hand, a combination die is similar to a progressive die that combines more than one metal stamping operation in different strokes. Here the number of strokes is more than one. 

Combination dies are more useful to create metal parts with intricate details and complex shapes. 

Benefits of a combination die

Combination dies are perfect for your manufacturing needs if you want to create complex parts. These dies perform metal stamping operations on metal sheets and can handle a variety of processes on one workstation.

Some prominent benefits of choosing combination dies are:

  • Cost efficiency:

Combination dies eliminates the need to design, install, and maintain multiple dies on different workstations. It helps manufacturers increase their cost savings for the manufacturing process. 

  • High Volume Production

If you have high-volume manufacturing needs, combination dies are the go-to choice. It enables manufacturers to plan and execute projects more efficiently, even for high-volume needs. 

  • Less Setup time 

Combination dies are easy to set up with less setup time, which speeds up the production process even further.

Tips to choose the right combination die stamping company 

Tip#1: Lookout for advanced stamping capabilities

Always know what your custom metal stamping needs are and start your search accordingly. If your project demands combination dies, you must look for metal stamping companies with combination die specialization.

Tip #2: Check the tooling design and development services.

The best combination die metal stamping firms have an in-house tooling design and development team so they can assist you with the best techniques and deliver parts that suit your project requirements.

Tip #3:Check the Record of Combination die deliveries.

A genuine combination dies metal stamping company will have an excellent track record of deliveries in terms of quality and time. They will offer clear documentation of the process to display the deadlines to meet your project requirements.

Tip #4: Check their Quality Practices

The quality of metal stamping parts is of paramount importance. A reputed metal stamping manufacturer will have the required certifications and quality checks. Always check if their quality meets your industry standards to ensure quality. 


Choosing the right combination to die for your metal stamping needs is a critical decision that can affect the quality and efficiency of your production. Material, die size, production volume, and cost are important factors while making this choice. However, what matters most is to choose a reputable combination die metal stamping company that can take care of all these factors to create a high-quality metal stamped part that fits your application.