How to Choose the Right Hair Clipper for You?

In the wake of the pandemic, the number of people visiting barbershops has decreased significantly. As a result, many, especially men, have started cutting their hair at home. There are various hair clippers available in the market that has the task easier. 

However, with so many options selecting the correct hair clipper that suits your needs can be slightly overwhelming. Read this guide to get a clear idea about the factors you need to consider before buying one.

Hair Clipper Buying Guide

Following are some of the things that you should consider when you plan to purchase a hair clipper-

1. Choose between Corded and Cordless

Deciding whether to get a corded or cordless is one of the bigger choices when it comes to hair clippers. Corded clippers are more powerful and you can use them for longer without having to worry about the battery dying. However, you have to plug corded clippers into a power outlet which makes them less flexible to use.

Cordless clippers on the other hand operate on rechargeable batteries. You can carry and use them anywhere without having to seek out a power socket. This makes them a lot more flexible and functional. If you are someone who likes to use clippers in an open space to avoid mess, this will be a lifesaver. However, you have to always be alert about charging it or you may lose power mid-use. 

2. Get the Right Kind of Blades

Clippers come with different sizes of blades that will let you cut hour hair at different lengths. There are also various blade types like stainless steel, ceramic, titanium plated etc. The material decides how many cuts the blades will last and retain their sharpness. You can take advice from a professional hairdresser to make an informed decision about this.

3. Check the Accessories Included

Many clippers come with added accessories like brushes, extra blades, scissors and several comb attachments. These will aid your hair-cutting experience and make it hassle-free. Another example of such accessories is clipper guards, which help you to cut your hair to a specific length. They are extremely functional and useful too.

4. Verify the Kind of Motor

The motors of your clipper are also extremely important since if the motor is strong, the clipper will be able to cut the hair with ease. Such a product will be the best trimmer for beards since the hair on beards is rougher. The 3 types of motors that clippers in the market generally have are magnetic, rotary and pivot. 

Make sure you get a product with the right kind of motor according to your requirements.Lastly, maintaining your hair clipper in good condition is crucial for its longevity. Different types and brands of clippers come with different kinds of maintenance instructions. Knowing about them beforehand will help you to choose the product that is right for you.