How To Draw A Santa Claus Cartoon

How To Draw A Santa Claus Cartoon. Santa Claus is one of the most famous figures in the world because he has become a symbol of the Christmas season! On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus is said to travel the world bringing gifts and joy to children, and photos of him are typical of this time. Many people enjoy learning how to draw Santa Claus because it helps them get into the Christmas spirit!

Whether Christmas is right around the corner or summer’s height, this guide will help you make the most of Christmas. So get ready for Christmas cheer by starting this step-by-step guide on drawing a cartoon Santa Claus in just 6 easy steps! You can draw many more characters like how to draw a bird, Anubis drawing, cat drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more drawing for kids.

Step 1:

Santa Claus has had many interpretations over the years, but we’ll pick a classic one for this Santa Claus cartoon! This suggests he chose the usual beard and bushy white hair with the typical Santa Claus costume. In this first step of the guide, we will start by drawing his hair, beard, and arms. In this step, the hair and beard will be composed of a single shape and drawn with a jagged line. The form of his skull will be less than the contour of his beard. Finally, for this step, we’ll draw curved lines for the outlines of his arms. Next, we’ll count thin, curved cuffs to the limitations of each piece. Add a few simple hands to the ends of the arms; then, we can move on!

Step 2:

With the outline of his hair and beard finished, we’ll start adding specific facial details in this step of this guide on how to draw a cartoon, Santa Claus. First, remove two prominent eyebrows around the top of the head shape. These will have smooth curved lines drawn from them. His eyes will be two simple dots, and below we will add the lenses of his glasses. You will have a big round nose under the glasses; then, we will end this step with a big bushy mustache under the nose.

Step 3:

Continuing this cheerful drawing, we will add the lower half of Santa’s body in this step. First, we’ll draw the bottom of his coat. This will be drawn with jagged lines, fluffy like the brim of his hat. Once he’s drawn, we’ll add his legs. These will be short, and your shoes will go to the ends of each. That’s all there is to this step; we can move on to step four!

Step 4:

Your funny Santa Claus is beginning to arrive jointly! In this step, we will continue to make it even better while adding some clothing details. First, we’ll draw a square belt buckle at her waist, with long, smooth sections extending to the left, right, and top. Next, we’ll add another iconic aspect of the character, his bag full of toys! This can be drawn as a simple rounded shape on the side, which will tie at the top. Once removed, we’ll carry on to some final points in the following stage of the direction.

Step 5:

You are now ready to complete the finishing touches before coloring him in the next step of our guide on how to draw a cartoon, Santa Claus. First, it was time to give Santa his famous hat! This choice has curved lines that top in a softball. Once done, we can add minor details to make it look better. Some of them will go into your beard as a series of small curved lines to make it thicker. We’ll count rare pipes to other areas for better texture elements. You can even count your thoughts and more points! Pulling a lovely Christmas-themed experience would be an excellent way to better complete this procedure. What kind of festive decorations can you think of for this excellent Santa Claus?

Step 6:

To finish this drawing, we will add some pretty colors to bring it to life! In our sample image, we’ve kept the classic Santa Claus look. This means we use nice bright reds for her clothes and leave most fluffy parts white. There are also colors like gold for the belt buckle, brown for the bag, and leather for his belt. We’ve chosen these colors as examples of colors you can use, but you can use any other color you like! There are so many ways to color this drawing, and we can’t wait to see which one you choose to complete it!

5 tips to make your Santa cartoon even better!

Have fun while we make drawing Santa Claus even easier. As we all know, many characters help Santa Claus in his Christmas endeavors. These might be fun to add to your drawing of a cartoon Santa! There are a few examples of these characters. They might include Mrs. Claus or maybe some of your trusted elves. They could even be drawn in the same cartoon style Santa Claus drew. What other characters could you add? Santa Claus is also well known for using reindeer to help steer his sleigh.

Adding the reindeer would make you’re drawing more fun and full of life! As with the previous tip, they can be drawn in a Santa-like style, but you can find real reindeer to help you remove them. Continuing from the previous tip, if you add the reindeer, you can also add their famous sled! This sleigh could include fun and festive details and colors. The sleigh will help make this scene even more complete, especially if the reindeer are attached to it. How do you think his sled can be? In this Santa Claus cartoon, Santa Claus is seen carrying gifts.

However, there can never be too many gifts at Christmas! You can add more stacks of gifts to the scene to make it look like you’re starting your journey. It might also be fun to cut pieces of wrapping paper to stick on presents. Finally, you can finish by drawing a background for your Santa Claus cartoon sketch. This can be done whether or not you added our suggestions above. It could be a snowy setting at the North Pole, for an idea. Or maybe it could be in a quiet neighborhood, perched on the roof of a house. These are just a few ideas, but you could create some fun scenes!

Finished Drawing!