How to Fix Instagram Reels Not Showing Issue?

We all know instagram is a widely growing social media platform that has over one billion active users monthly across the world. Instagram also never disappoints its users and keeps on bringing up some new and amazing features on the platform. 

When tiktok was banned in India, instagram used this opportunity to add something new to its platform which can attract more and more users who are looking for an alternative to the tiktok app. 

Reels Introduced on Instagram 

By making use of this opportunity Instagram introduced the reels feature which allowed users to post small videos of approximately 15-30 seconds on their account using the music, audio, or other creative effects which are there on instagram. 

But even the best of the platforms often encounter some errors and the same is happening with instagram. The reel features of instagram are liked and loved by a large number of people but nowadays users are facing errors such as instagram reels not showing

Because of this error users on instagram are not able to see reels on their accounts and are looking for solutions. If you are also one of these users who are looking for ways which they can use to fix the problem of reels not being visible on instagram then you are at the right place to get to know about it. 

In this blog today we are going to guide you on how you will be able to tackle this problem on instagram. There are various reasons because of why you might not be able to see reels so let us have a look at the solutions which can help you fix it. 

Ways to fix Instagram Reels Not Showing on Instagram Error

Fixing this error could be difficult but with these methods, you can get rid of this issue.

Clearing the cache files of the Instagram Application 

Often the problems on platforms like instagram occur because of cache or junk files on the platform so you need to first clear them and then check if the problem has been fixed or not. 

You can clear the junk files by going to the settings option and then to the apps tab where you have to look for instagram. Once you found instagram you have to tap on the storage option and then finally on the clear Instagram cache button

Get the Updated Version of Instagram 

Instagram reels might not be showing on your instagram account because the version of the instagram app you are using on your device might be not updated to the latest version. 

This is why you are supposed to get the updated version for which you have to first go to the play store app and then look for instagram there. You will see an update button beside instagram on the screen on which you have to click. 

Once you have clicked on it you will update it being downloaded and once it is finished you have to install the update. 

Report to Instagram Telling the Problem 

If you are not able to use instagram or reels are not showing then one of the best ways to fix the issue is to report it to Instagram so that the help team can assist you in fixing the problem. 

  • To report on instagram you have to open the app and then log into your account on it following which you have to move to your profile of yours and then tap on three dots on the screen. 
  • Move to the settings section where you have to scroll down to find the help button on which you have to click where you will report a problem which you have to tap. 
  • Now, write down your issue and explain it properly so that the support team is able to understand it, and then submit the report. 

Installing the Application Again After Removing it 

This is another troubleshooting way that you can try which is to first remove or uninstall the instagram application you are using and once the app has been uninstalled you need to wait for some time. 

  • After some time move to the play store and type in instagram in the search bar on the screen and then hit enter or search button. 
  • You will see the instagram app in front of you where you have to click on the install button from the screen so that the application can be downloaded on your device again. 

After downloading it you have to launch the app and the by putting in the login details you have to access your account so that you can see if the problem you were dealing with has been fixed or solved or not. We believe that the ways we have provided to you in this blog to solve instagram reels missing problem has been helpful and beneficial for you and you were successfully able to fix the problem on your device and are able to watch reels again using your account.

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