Importance of Anti-Roos Shampoo and Illuminated Hair Color For Hair Extensions

A makeover can completely change your outlook on life. A little dash of color or a new haircut is an excellent idea for a fresh start. However, when you apply heat or bleach to your hair, the risks of damage go up. Hair extensions offer you the ultimate solution to such issues. The best hair extensions are made from human hair and look natural. You could go from a short-haired cutie to a long-haired diva with the right hair extensions within seconds. Modern hair extensions take special care to ensure that there is no side effects post application.

Hair extensions come in different varieties. The clip-on and tape-in hair extensions do not require expert help and can be removed whenever you want. The issues arise when it is a more permanent type of hair extension. Hot or cold fusion hair extensions and attached very closed to roots with heat or tiny copper cylinders and adhesives. Similarly, if you are going for a weave, the original hair gets braided into tight knots and acts as the base into which the weaves are sowed in. In many cases, the extensions need a scalp cap. As you can see, getting a hair extension equals a direct impact on the scalp. Since the scalp remains covered, there is also a lack of nutrition and hydration. This makes your scalp itchy and flaky.

How Do Hair Extensions Lead To Dandruff?

Before you get your much desired Balmain hair extensions, you need to look out for the following causes of itchiness that often leads to dandruff and other scalp issues.

  • Sensitivity: Some individuals have more sensitive skin than the rest. And this extends to their scalp condition also. In many cases, people do not realize that they already have an underlying scalp condition. (it could be oily or dry). Since people tend to use a particular product for most of their life, they often overlook how other products or treatments will affect their condition. Dandruff becomes a common enemy if you already have a dry scalp. The hair extensions cover the scalp and prevent it from hydrating, which can ultimately lead to dandruff.
  • Inadequate care: How you care for your hair matters a lot in the long run. Your natural hair goes through a lot of dust and pollution on a regular basis, and that can make them brittle, weak, and dirty. When you use the wrong shampoos and conditioners, this situation further deteriorates. Modern hair extensions are not your natural hair but can be equally affected by stress and tensions. If you are treating your hair with oils, serums, shampoos, and conditioners, you need to rinse your hair thoroughly once the extensions have been attached. Otherwise, a build-up of the resident particles can dry up your scalp, making it flaky and increasing the risk of dandruff.
  • The Application of the Hair Extensions: When you sow in or tape in extensions, there is a sudden rise in the weight and the density of your hair. Now hair extensions for thin hair are a great idea to add volume, but it has its own repercussions. Since your scalp is already accustomed to a specific rate of hair growth and thickness, the unforeseen shift can drastically damage your scalp. The roots undergo maximum tension and become prone to breakage. As the roots pull out, dead skin cells manifest in the form of dandruff, one of your hair’s biggest enemies.

Why Do You Need Anti-Roos Shampoo For Hair Extensions?

Anti -roos shampoos are nothing but your regular anti-dandruff hair cleansers. Since hair extensions are one of the biggest reasons behind a recurring dandruff problem, cleaning your scalp and hair thoroughly with the best anti-dandruff shampoos and hair products is the only way to go. When you take out your extensions, you need to take a good long shower and remove any residues, dead skin fragments, and buildups from the scalp. This gives your skin a chance to breathe. Follow it up with a nourishing serum as your scalp requires moisturization and nutrients to get rid of the dandruff situation. The market at present produces quite a few anti-roos shampoos, complementary oils, and creams that improve your scalp’s health and rejuvenates the skin.



‘My hair doesn’t get longer than to my shoulders, can you do something about that?’

‘I have very thin, fine hair and I would like it to be a bit fuller, but the products I use don’t work enough…’

‘I would like more depth in my hair color, but I prefer not to color it. What can I do best for that?’

Balmain’s extensions are the answer to your questions and wishes. At Nexxt Hairsalon, Balmain specialists work with you to look at everything possible to give you your dream hair.

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