Some offbeat destinations you must explore

Offbeat means not the general ones; not the normal ones. Offbeat destinations are those places which are not yet influenced by mass tourism, where you will not find hordes of tourists, places which people do not visit generally. They are fascinating places, which travellers do not know about or sometimes even avoid them because of certain stereotypes.

The conditions may not be always comfortable. There could be difficult transport and accommodation. It may be confusing to comprehend the circumstances or immerse yourself in the new culture.

Now, you may ask- ‘Why then, should one visit off-beat places?

Let’s delve a bit into the pay-offs of an off-beat place:-

  • An off-beat destination is peaceful and you can rejuvenate yourself there.
  • Accommodations and transport is cheaper than the much hyped tourist locations.
  • You can get to know those places’ true lifestyle and culture. You can enjoy local food and may get a chance to observe and partake in unique cultural events.
  • You can experience unique & special services and indigenous & authentic products.
  • You don’t rub shoulders with the crowd. So you may feel safe.
  • The purity of the place is maintained without any human intervention. The places are pristine and untouched.
  • You’re also helping to sustain the community you’re visiting; every time you stay, eat, or buy something from a local shop or a person.

Since the off-beat places are devoid of a busy tourist infrastructure, you should take with you certain essentials without fail.

In addition, remember the following

  • Carry snacks and water when you are trekking and hiking.
  • Don’t forget- first aid kit, bug-repellent, sunscreen, raincoat, a hat,sturdy shoes, cell phone, and a camera.
  • Research in advance about the place you are going to visit; its weather, vegetation, and wildlife.
  • Dump waste in a proper place. 
  • Do not disturb nature; its flora and fauna.

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Some of the most off-beat places you may add to your bucket-list are

Kufstein, Austria:

Until 2008, Kaisertal valley was Austria’s last inhabited valley without even a road link. And even now, only locals are allowed to drive here – so you’ll arrive in the picturesque valley on foot, after climbing 300 steps. Every single step is worth it: The wild, untouched land. The thunderous gorges. The perfectly picturesque villages. The sloping meadows. In Kufstein proper, another ancient marvel awaits: the fortress, hundreds of years old towering above the city centre.

Tartu Estonia, the European Capital of Culture 2024:

Visit museums, take the time to explore the hip and new creative complex of Aparaaditehas. You can stroll along with many cafes and trendy bars, bench swings, and a lovely park on the lovely riverside of the Emajogi River.

Lyon, France:

Move around the gastronomical capital of France and see The Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière, the Gallo- Roman museum, the Roman theatres, passageways called Traboules, watch canuts weaving silk clothes. Lyon is a city of contradictions: It has the intimate charm of a smaller town with the excitement of a larger urban hub with high energy, slow rhythm.

Andros, Greece:

Andros is the northernmost island of the Cyclades island group. It stands out from the generally barren Cycladic islands, thanks to its lush vegetation and scenic natural landscapes. It managed to keep its laid-back, unspoiled vibe!Chora the island’s capital town, offers a mixture of Venetian, Byzantine and Ottoman architecture; noble mansions and neoclassical buildings; unspoilt, isolated beaches.

Braga, Portugal:

Braga is situated in the Minho region in the north of the country. Known for its abundance of churches; the “city of archbishops” is also known for its rich and long ecclesiastical history, beautiful views from the hills surrounding it. It is a sizeable old town full of historic buildings and a heritage dating back to Roman times, when it was known as Bracara Augusta.

Torridon Hills, Southern Highlands, Scotland, UK:

The Torridon Hills are a mountain range north of Glen Torridon. These are considered the most spectacular peaks in the British Isles. Some of the peaks are over 3000 feet high (914 metres) and are made of some of the oldest rock in the world! The Torridon area has some of the most dramatic mountain scenery in the whole of the British Isles.

UNESCO Global Geopark Copper Coast, Ireland:

The Copper Coast comprises of some 25 kilometres of spectacular coastline consisting of scalloped beaches and coves buttressed and enclosed by rocky headlands. The Copper Coast is an outdoor geology museum with a geological heritage that reflects the variety of environments under which the area has evolved over the last 460 million years.

Tatra Mountains, Poland:

The rugged Tatra Mountains in Carpathian Mountains (2500m height) forms a natural border between south Poland and north Slovakia. It is an UNESCO biosphere reserve. This alpine landscape offers numerous varieties of flora and fauna like pinewood trees, wolves, bears, wild cats and marmots. It’s easily accessible to skiers and hikers. The spectacular peaks, along with stunning turquoise mountainous lakes, make the scenery quite dramatic. The sophisticated network of footpaths make it a popular walking destination.

Caceres, Extremadura, Spain:

Cáceres was declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO in 1986 because of the city’s blend of Roman, Moorish, Northern Gothic and Italian Renaissance architecture. Thirty towers from the Islamic period still stand in Cáceres, of which the Torre delBujaco is the most famous. Cáceres is known for its cheeses, hams and olive oils.

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Visiting off-beat places will allow you to discover a new place and see things you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. The trip may be challenging, but the challenges you face often come as a blessing; you change your perspective of the world!