iPhone 15: New Functions and Features You Need to Know

iPhone 15 – rumors about new features
As every year, there is some speculation before the appearance of new iPhone models – there are also some rumors about the iPhone 15. But: So far it’s just rumours. It is not yet known which features the new iPhone models will actually bring.

iPhone 15: New Functions and Features You Need to Know

New name: Apple always launches several models with a new iPhone series, such as a Pro and a Pro Max version. The largest version will probably be called the iPhone 15 Ultra this time.
New buttons: According to the rumor mill, the new iPhone generation does not have classic buttons . Instead, so-called solid-state buttons – i.e. sensors that have no mechanics – should replace the familiar buttons for power and volume buttons.
New design: The iPhone 15 is probably a bit more rounded than its predecessors.
USB-C: Long awaited and probably finally implemented soon: Instead of the typical Lightning connector, the iPhone 15 models are probably equipped with USB-C connectors.
New chip: If the rumors are true, the iPhone 15 will come with a faster and more efficient A17 chip. Thanks to manufacturing using the 3-nanometer process, the new chip is said to offer up to 15 percent more performance while consuming up to 30 percent less energy.
More RAM: More RAM is also planned for the new iPhone 15 – up to 8 GB RAM.
Periscope lens: Hobby photographers can be happy if it turns out that the iPhone 15 will have a periscope lens and then offer a 6x optical zoom.
Faster WIFI: With WIFI 6E, iPhone 15 could score with higher throughput and wider channels WiFi performance

FaceTime conferences in advance. A link allows invitees to join from a web browser, without the need for an Apple device.
The “SharePlay” function allows you to share your screen for business meetings or to listen to music and stream movies from Apple TV+ in real time with friends.
With 3D audio, Apple simulates a realistic background noise. The volume for the left and right audio output channel is adjusted in such a way that the sound seems to come from the direction in which a conversation partner can also be seen on the screen.
The new grid view in FaceTime represents everyone on the call in equally-sized tiles. The person who is speaking is highlighted with a white border.
In order to be able to communicate in a more focused manner, the video conferencing program fades out background noise and softens the camera background.

Work more focused on iOS 15
Other improvements in iOS 15 are aimed at being able to work in a more focused manner.

The new focus mode helps to work without distraction.
Notifications are displayed more clearly. If several notifications have been received from an app, they are clearly grouped in a summary.
Safari makes the tab bar even more compact from iOS 15. On iPhone, you can use gestures to navigate between tabs. You can also categorize your tabs in so-called tab groups. Safari now supports extensions on all devices like those previously available on the Mac.
Notifications and Communications
You can also expect innovations in iOS 15 in terms of notifications and notifications.

Notifications have a new look and can be temporarily muted for each app.
Whether you receive photos, movies, or music through Messages, the media is stored for you. Photos automatically land in the Photos app when you tap the new “Save” button.
Music and films can be found in a new section “Listen now -> Shared with you” in Apple Music or in “Watch now -> Shared with you” in the Apple TV app.
Customize Memoji
iOS 15 also brings new features for Memojis

For example, there are over 40 outfit options to choose from, and headgear comes in different colors.
If you want, you can give the Memoji two different eye colors. You can also choose from three new models of glasses.
Accessibility options have been expanded to include cochlear implants, oxygen tubing and a soft helmet.

The Galaxy Watch 6 is scheduled for release in 2023. Even if this has not yet been officially announced (as of May 2023), there are already some rumors about new features and functions of the successor to the Galaxy Watch 5 :

Physical Bezel : While the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic had a physical bezel that you could use to control the UI, all variants of the Watch 5 had it digital. The Watch 6 will again have versions with a physical bezel.
Display size : The screen of the top version (the exact name is not yet known, as of May 2023) is said to be larger than that of older models. He is said to be 1.47 inches tall. In addition, the display should have a higher resolution.
Processor : It is not yet clear which processor the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 will appear with. One option should be the continued use of the Exynos W920, which has been used since the Watch 4. Alternatively, a new Exynos processor or a Qualcomm product could also be used.
Battery : The battery of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is said to grow compared to its predecessors. However, exact capacities are not yet known (as of May 2023).
Release : If Samsung proceeds with the presentation of the new smartwatch as with its predecessors, you can expect a release in August 2023 together with the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5. However, there are also rumors about an earlier release of the two foldable smartphones .