No More Delays In Moments of Togetherness With Tricks To Fastrack Partner Visa

Australia has not only become a country to visit for a vacation but the rise of it as a destination of choice for people to settle down and make a living has led to many flying to the land of the southern hemisphere. 

It is not just that, Australian authorities in bulk receive Partner visas in Sydney or across Australia from those immigrants who have now become permanent residents or taken citizenship. However, do these two criteria also make it easy for them to have their partners live in Australia? Not as easy as you think. 

An application for Partner Visa to Australia can have a processing time anywhere from 24 months to 30 months or even more in special cases. What is the magic trick to get past these long durations? We will tell you all of it here. 

If we have to be honest, the rejection and refusal of a Visa hurt more than being turned down after a romantic proposal, why? It is not just time but money as well. Partner Visas are expensive and in recent times, the rate of refusal has gone up. So to avoid such a situation, a partner visa specialist could be hired.

The trick to all of it is to make your partner Visa super compelling and an Oscar-winning story that helps the case officer or the delegate deliver the Visa to you with a note that says “Live happily ever after in Australia”. 

Well, we were certainly joking about the note but not about how “decision ready” the application should be. Here are a few measures you must take: 

  1. Understand the types of Partner Visa you should apply for

Remember how your understanding of your partner made you decide to marry them? Well, you need to understand your relationship better because you will need to be convincing the same to the delegate. There are various subclasses for the Partner Visa and also various types of relationships, defacto or married, etc. Make sure you apply in the right slot. 

  1. Make it a decision-ready application 

You need to go through the checklist of documents, arrange them in the correct order and not make it difficult for the delegate. The last thing you want is your case officer fuming with how unorganized and plain the application is. 

  1. To become the migration agent, you are not! 

There is a reason why “seeking help” is always considered better than sabotaging important things with our ignorance. You are no migration expert, and let’s say if we do put our head into understanding the conditions and the laws, we are just delaying the time and moments with our beloved partner. 

Be the bigger and smarter person to take help and assign this task to a Migration agent registered under MARA. 

  1. An organized and sequenced application is a direct Oscar nomination! 

If you go out for a dinner, you would not really order dessert as the first dish, because as per the dining laws, it’s starters, main course, and then dessert. Similarly, if you serve the case officer documents which are not in order, it might become distasteful and confuse the officer who is looking at your application. 

Keep the documents synchronized and a sequential narrative must be followed. You want to convince the case officer of the genuine relationship. 

  1. The application must be a fairy tale backed by evidence

There is no two way to say that the documents must be correct, legal, and genuine. Your story of togetherness should be one solid script that has enough evidence to back it. Also, do not forget, it must be simple. 

The case officer should not have any trouble understanding the information and documents provided and should be presented in an easy format. 

  1. Testimonies of marriage or the relationship 

Ever heard of the saying “Friend in need is a friend indeed”? You would definitely need friends and documents that serve as testimonies to your relationship. The Visa application asks you for proof of social and financial aspects of your marriage/relationship. You must have witnesses and relevant documents like bills, rent, and joint accounts to prove a relationship and Fastrack your Visa. 

While it must be troubling to see that the waiting time is so long, we must tell you that those who followed the above measures were able to reduce the number of months to even 3! Yes, it can happen to you as well. 

It might sound like all you need to do is convince the case officer or the delegate assigned to help you get united or ensure that your partner is legally allowed to stay with you. We would like to tell you, it is exactly what you have to do.  In all true sense, after the almighty’s grace, your case officer would be the next whose approval would make your marriage easy, legal, and settled in Australia!