Picture Restoration Applies to Digital Art Too

The human race has come a long way in a short space of time, and that is arguably never better defined than when we consider the digital revolution. In the 21st  Century, we rarely rely on paintings to capture a likeness when it’s never been easier to snap a high-definition photograph, usually with a smartphone housed in our pocket.

There will always be a place for more traditional forms of art, however – especially for those that long to hang framed paintings from a bygone era throughout the home. Classic art offers a visceral, emotional response that no digital alternative can match, but unlike a collection of pixels, it will require maintenance. That’s why picture restoration, in London and across the world, remains a pivotal skill.

Picture restoration in London can sometimes feel like an overwhelming search. Electronic experts can be found on every street that will aid with the rediscovery and retrieval of lost or corrupted digital files, but who can art collectors turn to when seeking a skilled, steady hand that will restore life and lustre to a vintage painting?

The answer is, of course, a professional art restorer, and the Simon Gillespie Gallery on New Bond Street is arguably the most reputable provider of such services in the city.

An experienced art restorer will be capable of any related task that may be necessary, which can be a varied workload – especially if we bring digital art into the mix. Examples of the services open to art lovers seeking picture restoration London through the Simon Gillespie gallery include:

  • Conservation and repair of the paper or canvas that hosts an image.
  • Cleaning and preserving the surface of paper or canvas that hosts art.
  • Varnishing and protecting art.
  • Frame repairs, such as chips and cracks.
  • Disaster recovery, including emergency cleaning of spillages or smoke damage.

Of course, some of these duties also bring us full circle and back to the digital revolution. While a camera snap saved into an electronic server will not require any painting maintenance or repair, if you opt to have a photograph enlarged and framed, you may need particular assistance from experts in art restoration for repairs to frames or cleaning.

If you need to understand if Simon Gillespie can aid with picture restoration in London based on unique or complex needs, just call the gallery on 020 7493 3900 – or simply pop into 104 New Bond Street. You will always receive a warm welcome, and your needs will be assessed and discussed. If the team can aid with any digital picture restoration, they will do so – and if not, further advice on your next steps will likely be provided.

The Simon Gillespie gallery is a leading light in the field of picture restoration in London, blending classic and traditional sensibilities with the latest and greatest technology. If you embrace a similar lifestyle, make an appointment to visit the gallery and learn how you can enter into a harmonious relationship with the skilled team that comprises the staff.