Pee Safe Deals Offers A Full Range Of Hygiene Products

Are you looking for the best hygiene products available online or in the market? If so, you’ll benefit much from reading this blog. Using Pee Safe Discount Offers, we will explore Pee Safe and the products they offer in this post. 

Pee Safe is a business that wants to make private and intimate hygiene discussions more common. The Gurugram-based platform’s initial product to find a way to stop UTIs and other harmful infections anytime someone visits a public restroom was a toilet seat sanitizing spray. 

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Product Categories Offered By Pee Safe

Pee Safe offers a comprehensive selection of sanitary items that benefit everyone. Apply Pee Safe Discount Coupons to receive significant savings while purchasing Pee Safe items. Here is a list of all the product categories that Pee Safe offers.

Toilet Hygiene: You may get disposable toilet seat sanitiser spray, toilet seat covers, travel companions, and urination devices under this area.

Men Hygiene: Pee Safe provides intimate wash and intimate wipes for men in this category.

Shaving & Grooming: Razors, shaving foam, hair removal cream, after-shave and wax oil, and other items are available in the shaving and grooming product category.

Hair Care: Pee Safe provides hair shampoo, hair conditioner, a scalp massager brush, hair oil, and more under this category of products.
Face Care: Pee Safe offers products for the face, including charcoal nose strips, day and night cream, face wash, face serum, face mask, face moisturiser, and more. 

Body Care: You may get a body wash, body mist, travel kit, stretch mark oil, and more in this department.

Period Care: Menstrual Cup Sterilisers, Menstrual Cups, Menstrual Cup Wash,  Biodegradable Sanitary Pads, Sanitary Pads, Panty Liners, Menstrual Discs, Tampons, and more are available within the category of period care. Also, you can buy these products at a minimum price by availing of Pee Safe Deals.

Intimate Care: You may get intimate washcloths and wipes, intimate powders, sweat pads, and other items under this area of care. 

Maternity & Baby Care: You may get maternity pads, adjustable maternity pants, reusable diapers for babies, breast pads and more in this department. 

Sexual Wellness: You may find Domina Female Condoms, Domina Oils & Gels, and Domina Kegal Balls in this product category. 

Outdoor Care: This section comprises the following: mask, insect repellent 

Exploring Pee Safe

Co-founder Srijana Bagaria embarked on a journey of development and research in response to the horrible experience that has long troubled women using public bathrooms, with the help of her husband and the firm’s originator, Vikas Bagaria. They were committed to finding an answer so they wouldn’t be concerned about getting harmful illnesses like UTIs when using a public restroom.

The toilet seat sanitiser spray was introduced shortly after. A spray that has avoided UTIs in millions of women across the country. Over the last three years, the business has expanded into several personal hygiene categories, including feminine hygiene (pads, tampons, cups, etc.), Sexual Wellness (DOMINA), hand washing (Palm Safe), face mask and mist (Pollution Safe), men’s personal hygiene and female grooming (FURR), as well as becoming a pioneer in a few subcategories.

Pee Safe exports to 15 countries, has 10,000 retail counters across more than 100 Indian cities and is represented on all major e-commerce platforms besides its website. Pee Safe won the Amazon Best SMB Brand 2020 honour in front of CEO Jeff Bezos in January 2020 for their excellent achievements on Amazon India. LinkedIn has named Pee Safe one of the Top 10 startups. So, speed up and shop for Pee Safe Products Using Pee Safe Coupon Code.

Learning About Pee Safe

  • Contrary to common perception, the brand name is Pee Safe and includes a space. 
  • The Pee Safe emblem’s dark colour was purposefully chosen to draw attention to the fact that it represents the eradication of germs. 
  • Under the same parent firm, Redcliffe Hygiene Pvt Ltd, are the brand’s Pee Safe, Mosquito Safe, FURR, Raho Safe, Domina, Pollution Safe, and Palm Safe.  
  • Many Pee Safe items are cruelty-free to animals and vegan. 
  • When the first Pee Safe product was introduced in 2013, mint was the first scent in the toilet seat sanitiser sprays category.
  • The company is in several countries and continents, including Uganda, Bangladesh, Bhutan, the United Arab Emirates,  the United States, and Sri Lanka. Also, Anyone can purchase Pee Safe products from anywhere at a discounted rate by using Pee Safe Discount Offers.
  • Pee Safe produced the first female cramp relieving roll-on sold in India.
  • The only products on the market that can grow as long as 185mm and have the aroma of Aloe Vera are the Panty Liners containing Aloe Vera infusions.
  • Our female condom is called DOMINA, which stands for ladies of dignity. The name is a blend of Condom and Vagina 
  • Pee Safe intends to expand to become an Rs. 1000 crore brand and now has more than 90% of the market for toilet seat sanitisers. 
  • Pee Safe toilet seat sanitiser spray is one of the top options for meeting all essential hygiene criteria, and you can purchase it at a perfect price using Pee Safe Discount Coupons.
  • Pee Safe was brought up after a conversation with Quint about switching to more ecologically friendly period protection products


You now own complete knowledge of Pee Safe and its offerings. Pee Safe include everything you require for personal hygiene. Make sure you purchase from Pee Safe to maintain your hygiene. Remember to browse at Pee Safe Coupon Code to save money on your order.