You can use the example below to learn how these

Image-to-image AI artists take images from one place and move them to another place. The AI system analyzes the images to create something new. In text-to-image systems, computers look at the text and then produce a photo based on the text. You can use the example below to learn how these tools work. For this example, you will need to follow a link in order to see what the program is doing. Once you visit the website, it will open a program. You will see that the image you see here has been created by a computer using the same system that AI art generators creates the art on this page. AI programs can learn from people as well. For example, when we are given pictures like these to draw, we may teach the computer how to draw images like the ones in the picture. This is called machine learning. You may even be able to play games with an AI system. These AI games can be fun to play, but you should know how to stay safe. Never play a game with an AI that you don’t fully understand. Playing these types of games can lead to problems in the future.